Beach Coho

Posted by: stonefish

Beach Coho - 10/08/18 09:32 PM

Haven't posted a report in awhile due to the Photobucket fiasco.

A few beach coho pics from the past month.

Fishing was decent this summer considering all the blob doom and gloom in 2015.

I did a 9 day mid September coho bender.
I ended hooking up 30 fish but my landing ratio sucked with coho tending to do their thing and managing to come unpinned.

Time to start fishing for some searun cutts.

Posted by: NickD90

Re: Beach Coho - 10/08/18 10:30 PM

Nice report Stoney - I always get jealous of your beach pics. That fly is perfect.
Posted by: Todd

Re: Beach Coho - 10/09/18 07:56 AM

There are some dandies in there!

Fish on...

Posted by: elparquito

Re: Beach Coho - 10/09/18 12:37 PM

Once again, The King of the Beach rises to the top!

Great report!
Posted by: Direct-Drive

Re: Beach Coho - 10/09/18 05:12 PM

Beautiful pics, Stone.
That's like the essence of the Northwest right there !
Posted by: War-Paint

Re: Beach Coho - 10/18/18 11:42 AM

A little late to the party but thanks for posting and sharing in your adventures.
Always enjoy your pics and stories. Cheers