Jefferson Creek Brookies (Hamma Hamma)

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Jefferson Creek Brookies (Hamma Hamma) - 03/14/20 09:53 AM

Anybody every fished this? I was in that area a lot five years ago, not fished very much but apparently there are a lot of fish under 8 inches. Seen fish in there in places above Elk and Jefferson Lakes towards goober ponds.

Talked to a guy one day throwing hardware who said he had caught a hundred trout under 6 inches.

Its been on my list of things to do, I figure late summer early fall would be the best fishing. I seen small fish when the water was low.
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Re: Jefferson Creek Brookies (Hamma Hamma) - 03/19/20 01:09 PM

Never been up there but I hear itís a great spot for huntiní bigfoots.
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Re: Jefferson Creek Brookies (Hamma Hamma) - 03/20/20 04:56 AM

Rich, the drought years wiped out the Brookies in the Hamma Hamma, Jefferson, and Washington. The creeks went dry and the river went underground. Same with Rock creek that drains flat lake over on the Skoke. Besides, they still have the area closed due to the meth head
[Maple] fire. I took Melinda and the dogs for a drive up there Monday and the road is gated at the bridge. They are currently logging Jefferson ridge where the fire burned. You may be able to sneak in via Washington creek though. I ll send you a private message with what's left on the east side.