izorline question

Posted by: FishinSinsation

izorline question - 04/13/02 06:07 PM

bought some izorline today 15 pound test, and this stuff is super thick!? it feels like 20 or more pound test.. is izor supposed to be this thick?
since it was all the store had i got it, and i was planing on using it for leader... but its pretty damn thick..

should i take it back??

any help

Posted by: Easy Limits

Re: izorline question - 04/13/02 07:11 PM

The one time I tried Izor I swore never again. That stuff sucks. mad
Posted by: okieboy

Re: izorline question - 04/13/02 07:57 PM

Yah i think it is a marginal line it is decent for the price but it fails after a few uses.If anything use maxima,but if you wanna replace your line everytime use the izor
Posted by: chaser

Re: izorline question - 04/13/02 08:18 PM

Have been using the 15 & 20 lb test on my saltwater reels for a couple of years now and it works just fine for mainline. If you want to make leaders go with the maxima ultragreen. Just my .02 worth