Boat part help needed please :)

Posted by: Bob

Boat part help needed please :) - 05/08/02 01:32 AM

Okay, we've almost got everything totally redone on the big barge for AK ... but I need one more thing:

looking for the latches (not the twist and lay down style) for the compartment seating.

Any suggestions where I can find some replacements ... preferably the very same ones that have come standard on so many drifters over the years ... I'd rather not pay $25 each to change over to some fancy yacht fastener smile
Posted by: Rooster

Re: Boat part help needed please :) - 05/08/02 05:17 AM

Seattle Marine, or Fisheries Supply. If they dont have it, they can get it.
They will give you a commercial discount, just give them your guide lic. ## for either WA or AK.
If you are in Forks, they will ship overnight.
Good Luck.
Posted by: Easy Limits

Re: Boat part help needed please :) - 05/08/02 11:57 PM

Hey Bob, have you checked out Boater\'s World ? They have everything.
Posted by: ironhead

Re: Boat part help needed please :) - 05/09/02 12:58 AM

I`am not sure what type of latch you are looking for but for fasteners and unique hardeware I usually find it at McMastercarr .Its mail order and they are online .Give them a chance they are a huge industrial warehouse .You can find them at I know that they have various types of latches that are used by boat manf. in stainless steel and a variety of types as well as sizes.good luck
Posted by: Bob

Re: Boat part help needed please :) - 05/09/02 02:08 AM

Thanks guys for the help ... Ironhead, I checked the site and found almost what I was looking for.

It did let me figure out exactly what they were called though and a little more seraching and I found some that fit the holes in the boat exactly!

Thanks again!!