Kodiak next week

Posted by: saltydog

Kodiak next week - 06/24/02 01:10 AM

I'm going to be in Kodiak for a week or so beginning next Friday. I'm staying with relatives and will have my days pretty free. I will most likely have access to a vehicle and a 4 wheeler. Is anyone willing to share any spots with me? I'm planning to fish for reds, maybe kings with my 8 weight. I'm also brining my 6 weight in the hopes of finding some Dollies. Also, last time I was there I caught some kind of sea bass off the beach with spinning gear. Does anyone have any suggestions for a fly pattern for these things? They hit a pixie spoon pretty hard, but I'll probably get whapped in the back of the head if I try to cast one of those with my 6 weight.

Any info is greatly appreciated.

Posted by: RICH G

Re: Kodiak next week - 06/24/02 02:07 PM

Your lucky,

I was on Kodiak last year in Sept but on the west side of the Island. I love it there and cant wait to go back. I fished some of the road system rivers on the South East side the day before we flew out for the west side and caught a load of humpies. I think the American and Russian rivers were the biggest had the most fish. I bet your best bet for dollies would be in the salt that time of year.
Posted by: Fishslayer75

Re: Kodiak next week - 06/24/02 02:38 PM

What Rich said, I also spent a week out there fishing all rivers on the main dirt road. You can hit a different river every day and get in to lots of fish. Have Fun laugh
Posted by: elkrun

Re: Kodiak next week - 06/25/02 01:56 AM

I just got back from Kodiak last weekend! Had a great time, you should hit the buskin for reds, I flew to the west side (ayakulik) for kings and reds... it was slow for both as the run is late. You'll have a great time, and try a chartruese clouser for the bass.... good luck