Easy on the pedal on the Pen

Posted by: B. Gray

Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 02:10 PM

Just had the chance to meet one of Clallam County's finest the other day on my way back from Forks. Got pulled over just east of Sequim for doing 65 in a 55. I don't know how he could tell since he was cruising in the other direction but it's gonna cost me $105 and probably a bump in my insurance. Thanks for sharing the holiday spirit, Mr. Officer.

So be aware on your way West and back....

Posted by: Easy Limits

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 02:33 PM

Ten over? That is weak! If you can, go over and make an appearance in court. That will usually drop the fine and may even drop everything all together.
Posted by: B Gray

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 02:55 PM

Not good,
Well, how was fishing
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Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 03:27 PM

Been there, done that. Sorry to hear about the ticket. I got one a few years ago almost in the same area for $100 and I just mailed it in so as not to have to go all they way over there to court and use a vacation day. Only caught one fish, so $100 a fish seemed pretty high at the time. I almost got one this past weekend following a cop just before Montesano around 5am. Luckily for me he was just getting set up to grab someone else. Sounds like its time for me to slow down just a bit.
Posted by: drift boat

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 04:15 PM

I got to meet one this past summer on the way to fish Deep River. He said I was going 75 and I said bull I was only going 65 in a 55 so he wrote the ticket for 10 over and I still paid $75.00 eek I should have said it was 60 laugh
Posted by: steel_fish

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 04:55 PM

Same thing happened to me on 530 just past Howard Miller Steelhead Park. County mounty tagged me for 10 over. Get this he said I was probably doing 70 in a 55 but his radar was 5 mph off. Hmmmm I'm fighting this one. Then 2 weeks later my fishing partner got pulled over on the same stretch but he let him GO confused
Posted by: Metalhead Mojo

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 05:19 PM

i got nailed on I-90 just outside ellensburg on thanksgiving by a state patrol...was doing 85 (just keeping pace with the other cars) he wrote it for 10 over also...he was very polite but dont these guys have any holiday spirit??? rolleyes
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Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 06:51 PM

i almost got one on my way to sportco a few months back, i was going 16 over on the levee road wink smile fife cops are jerks but with my boyish good looks, and playing stupid with the cop payed off as i didnt get the ticket. He said it would have been about a 185 dollar ticket or so

so i was happy to get out of that one.. perhaps it was my college sticker on the back of my car that kept him from writing a poor poor college student a big ticket, but i wasnt complaining smile laugh
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Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 07:05 PM

I probably shouldn't do this but what the hell, it's the holiday season and I'm feeling generous:

Wanna know how to avoid getting speeding tickets?

DON'T SPEED! eek eek

Did you get where you were going any sooner by sitting on the side of the road for 15 minutes waiting to sign your name?
Posted by: Mike C

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 07:23 PM

I'll tell you what, it's easy to have the old speedometer creep up on ya. Been there, done that. Thank God for cruise control, I've even taken to using it driving through these small towns. I can't afford another ticket on my insurance. beathead CC keeps me from speeding. I will set it 4-5 over and stay in the right lane except to pass.
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Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 07:37 PM

Staying out of the fast lane (left lane) is always a good policy. Especially on multiple lane highways.
Posted by: spawnout

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/26/02 09:43 PM

I personally think that we are going to see a rash of traffic citations. Know why? There's more than one way to replace revenue that Timmy removed from the state coffers and that most of you wouldn't vote back in via the gas tax, and the main one at the moment is "emphasis patrols". The "emphasis" will be on diverting as much money into the state coffers as possible to make up the difference between then and now.

And lest you think that "going with the speed of traffic" is an excuse, or start thinking that there's no way they will be able to pull over hundreds of people all speeding, think again. They now use aircraft several miles away from enough police to roadblock the typical limited access highway, pick out all the speeders by vehicle description and radio them to the waiting officers, they pull everyone over, block the road, and hand out tickets. No shait, I had this happen on Highway 12 - I was pulling my boat and was not speeding but they stopped everyone and went through the list - I was not on it thank God but pretty much everyone else was. The officer said they had over 50 in that one bust. Look for this on a highway near you soon eek
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Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 03:16 AM

I learned my lesson last year, I was on my way to the OP early around 4 am or so, it did not seem like it was that cold out when I left Tacoma. Sixty MPH or so the whole way there. I was cruising down 101 and just before the turn off for the middle bridge of the salmon I came over a hill and the road started bending right I lost control and spun the truck almost 360 degrees at 50 miles an hour, I ended up off the road on the right hand side, down in a big ditch. I climbed out of the truck and investigated the damage and was relieved when all that I noticed was the right rear tire came off the rim, lucky for me another guy had spun out on the same patch of ice just before me, he came running down to make sure everything was alright, the cool part about it was he was a Forks cop on his way to work so he called in a tow truck from Forks to come get us (oh yeah this all happened on a sunday$$$)
that was a pricey towtruck ride! On the way to Forks while I was in the towtruck, not even a mile down the road a guy spun around and ended up in the ditch and his drift boat didn't look like it was in good shape anymore either, the guy drove past our trucks in the ditch and didn't even stop to make sure we were o.k. He obviously knew it was icy at that point in time but he still had to hurry, and it cost him just like it cost me, thank god nobody was seriously hurt that day. we are all always in such a hurry to get there, it's amazing the effects a steelhead can have on you. I guess my message here is simple its not always the cops you have to look out for, you never know one of these times it could be your life. Is it worth the (MUNCH)! what
Posted by: Ono4fish

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 08:25 AM

I suppose this all has something to do with using or constantly being in close proximity to lead! beathead I understand it has a devastating effect on the human body maybe even affecting ones decision making abilities. I wonder if that's where the term "lead foot" comes from?

Or does carrying extra pencil lead on the right side of my vest give my right foot a tendancy to push down harder while driving?

Come on guys...don't tell me you've never seen the late comer make a sliding stop, don his fishing gear and make a mad dash down to the fishing spot. Maybe even done it yourselves!

Kudos to the men in blue...It's a hell of a job! and NO I'm not in law enforcement. what
Posted by: herm

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 09:47 AM

Thanks for the heads up!
It is deff. ez to let the speed creep up.

I want to express a special thks to spawnout for letting me know that its my fault for voting for(Timmy's) init. TY TY TY

I also want to apol. to you all for every other thing that I have deprived all of you from. That said I want to remind all of you that you can still send in the add. funds that are not required, but you would like to contribute, just write the check to the general fund, and flag it(or not) for the project you would like it to be used for.

I am sure the state would be glad to get the money and all of you who voted against (Timmy's) init. will feel a lot better, maybe.

Herm what smile
Posted by: JimB

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 10:46 AM

Police writing more tickets??? Heaven forbid they make us be legal...sheesh...just go the speed limit and don't worry about it. If you go 70 miles an hour and speed limit is 60 how much sooner do you get there if you are driving an hour? beathead

Posted by: ET

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 11:12 AM

10 minutes!
Posted by: herm

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 11:16 AM

are u there yet? laugh
Posted by: ET

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 11:45 AM

Oh, wait a minute. That is a tricky one. If you drive for an hour going 70 versus 60, you get there at the same time! You just went 10 miles too far! See that is the reason you shouldn't speed!
Posted by: bigb8bigfish

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 12:48 PM

got to get to that rock before someone else fishes it. Oh darn, the river changed......... beathead

Posted by: superfly

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 01:09 PM

Two friends of mine are state troopers and ever since they got the new boss from the most corupt police department in the united states they said they are now required to write at least 8 citations per shift, One per hour, he took away the 4-10 schedules and is generally an asshole. He said no one likes him except Locke because it is all about revenue now, making the money through tickets.
So watch your backs!!!!
Peace Superfly evil evil
Posted by: ET

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 01:17 PM

Sounds like our police force motto has been changed from "Protect and Serve" to "Tax and Harass".
Posted by: RICH G

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 02:05 PM

If yoo commit the crime or infraction for that matter be prepared to do the time or pay the fine.

If you were speeding and got caught then just pay the fine. To admit you were brakeing the law and then be sore because you were punished for it, well beathead
Posted by: ROEBOAT

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 02:46 PM

I had the carbon copy thing happen as B. Gray. Funny thing though, my cruise control was set at the speed limit with normal tires. Clallams finest told me he clocked me going 10 over (going the other way behind a full sized RV)and I cried Bull!!!! I got out of my car and went over to his car despite his grumblings to see the reading for myself. His radar was OFF. He said he turned it off because it was making too much noise. I fought the ticket and lost as did everyone else. I got really pi***ed off in the courtroom(hanging court) and am lucky they didn't put me in jail , but it was total BS from the start. Just a way to make money!!!
Posted by: B. Gray

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 02:48 PM

Damn, I sure never expected this much response to a speed trap warning. And I never meant this to be a bashing thread against folks like Rich and all the others out there who do a dangerous and thankless job trying to keep the scum at bay.

I just got a new job so I probably won't be able to make it to PA for my day in court. Just keep an eye out folks.

Doesn't surprise me in the least that the state has to turn to methods like writing tickets for 10mph over to try and get some more money in the coffers. Actually, I just looked at the ticket and it was for 66 in a 55. I guess that's where the extra $30 comes in.

BTW - got one brat for my troubles.

Posted by: Old Man

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 05:21 PM

I guess from reading these posts that I'd better slow down. It seems that the lead in my a$$ has now gone down to my foot. I usually zip around on the back roads very much over the speed limit. But from reading all of this I will now slow down just a little. beathead
Posted by: h2o

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 05:42 PM

Let me give everyone a couple reasons to slow down by relating these two stories...

Just past the Elwah, heading West towards the Lake my buddies and I wer driving the speed limit even and we hit black ice. This was during a period of mild temperatures when no black ice was expected. We just happened to hit a pocket of very cold air which caused the moisture on the ground to freeze. We spun twice and wound up heading directly for a van that had the exact same thing happen to it thirty seconds before us. Luckily we only grazed the van and narrowly missed the people from the van that had to dive out of our way. Had we been going any faster the story would likely have had a much more tragic ending.

I have some friends in Forks that have to commute back and forth to Seattle semi-regularly...on one of their trips they were driving South on 101 on the section of road near the Quinault where the old growths border the road. It was windy and rainy much as it is today. As they drove through this very dark section they were going too fast to notice that one of the OG's had been blown over by the wind and were unable to stop before smashing into the tree at very high speeds. Luckily everyone survived but only by the grace of the fish gods.

I know that road like the back of my hand, forwards and backwards, but I and my girlfriend know so many people whom that road has humbled that I no longer take any chances....

Remember...you can't fish if you are dead.
Posted by: trailrat77

Re: Easy on the pedal on the Pen - 12/27/02 10:31 PM

Sounds like I got lucky last weekend, right FS?

Less than 2.5 hrs from Forks to Tacoma, yeah I was speeding at times. But heck I couldn't even keep up with the WDFW Enforcement Officers that we left Forks with.

Really we all need to slow down a bit.