Posted by: Sullie

Skykomish - 12/27/02 10:12 PM

Any one have any reports on how the sky is doing? What rivers are doing good right now?
Posted by: Mic

Re: Skykomish - 12/27/02 10:27 PM

Fished hard thursday 7am till 2pm for nada nothin zip. would like to see more flow but it looks like the oly/pen is still sucking it from the clouds.
Posted by: steelhd101

Re: Skykomish - 12/28/02 01:52 AM

Fished Ben Howard to Lewis Street Thursday afternoon. Skunked. Dang. Just not many fish out there.
Posted by: $$B-MONEY$$

Re: Skykomish - 12/29/02 10:55 AM

Any updates?
Posted by: Sullie

Re: Skykomish - 12/29/02 12:45 PM

i was planning on going to the sky today or tomorrow but now i think i m going to stay home. any more updates?
Posted by: BossMan

Re: Skykomish - 12/29/02 09:54 PM

Drifted Sultan to Ben Howard today.

On the positive side, wasn't too crowded for a Sunday during hatchery brat season (6 or so other DBs and 4 or 5 jet boats on the drift).

On the negative side, the reason for the smallish crowds was very slow fishing. My buddy and I didn't touch anything and our unofficial creel survey showed only two fish caught for the other boats, one being a spawner.
Posted by: Ryan Ositis

Re: Skykomish - 12/30/02 03:13 AM

Wow. For once, I'm happy I slept in and didn't hit the river. I'll give the Sky another week, and then I'm headed down to Bonneville with some railroad spikes and my surf rod to catch the REALLY big fish. eek