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PESKY OTTERS - 12/29/02 07:20 AM

My buddies and I were steelheading fishing yesterday. We heard a loud splash on the other side of the river and watched an otter catch a 7-8lb Chrome steelhead and wrestle it to shore. 2 other otters came in to join in the feast. Someone told me years ago that they go after salmon and steelies but I didnt believe him. Now, seeing is believing!!!!
Posted by: stlhead

Re: PESKY OTTERS - 12/29/02 08:20 AM

What rock was that otter standing on and what color was he using?
Posted by: duc'Hunter

Re: PESKY OTTERS - 12/29/02 11:35 AM

Originally posted by stlhead:
What rock was that otter standing on and what color was he using?
rofl rofl
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Re: PESKY OTTERS - 12/29/02 05:19 PM

well it's good to know someones getting some fish..... slap

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Re: PESKY OTTERS - 12/29/02 09:35 PM

Are you sure it wasn't a seal? Sometimes seals will make it pretty far upriver. The only reason I ask is that Otters are pretty small. That must have been a hell of a lucky otter to get a steely.

I dont mind otters, these days there aren't to many left, so I enjoy seeing them . They are a welcome sight to a healthy river.
Posted by: BERKLEY BOY75

Re: PESKY OTTERS - 12/30/02 11:35 AM

ya, thats to bad the otter got a steelie, im sure he doesnt have to eat..he'll live off his fat reserves jus like the seals and sea lions, who tear the stomachs out of the salmon in the sound and leave the carcass be, maybe the otter used the steelie to its full rather see a otter than a sealion...lots less of them these days...
Posted by: dustywaders

Re: PESKY OTTERS - 12/30/02 12:11 PM

I saw two otters the other day carrying a LiL' Chief smoker, when i asked them what was going on, the little one with buck teeth told me to mind my own business, and go rag about the gut eating seals. The they flipped me off, if i ever seaze them agin, i'm gonna blow there freakin heads off.yeeee haaaaa.
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Re: PESKY OTTERS - 12/30/02 01:31 PM

I know they're predators on our precious fish but I like otter anyway. 2 years ago,floated the bogy for 5 days straight same family of 5 there every day,super cool
Posted by: stlhead

Re: PESKY OTTERS - 12/30/02 02:59 PM

Those little poachers. They don't pay taxes or buy licenses or punchcards. What right have they to take our fish? There outta be a law.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: PESKY OTTERS - 12/30/02 05:32 PM

Otters regularly nail salmon and steelhead. They aren't nearly as big as seals, but they've got some serious speed and strength. Their jaws are like a beartrap, once they sink their teeth in, the fish is done.
Posted by: Dan S.

Re: PESKY OTTERS - 12/30/02 05:47 PM

No kidding see the chompers those things have? They're kinda like a pit bull of the DON'T want those teeth coming near any appendages. laugh