Question on the regs

Posted by: cohoangler

Question on the regs - 12/30/02 04:20 PM

Another active thread on punch cards raises a question for me.

If I land a fish that can be legally kept (i.e., within season, fin clipped, etc), can I give the fish to my fishing buddy who is standing next to me, provided she properly records the fish on her punch card?

If this is illegal, am I guilty for providing her with the fish or is she guilty for accepting it? Or both?

I ask this question because I've done this before. And I've seen other anglers do it. But that doesn't mean it's right.........
Posted by: FishinSinsation

Re: Question on the regs - 12/30/02 04:23 PM

if you land the fish you have to record it not her, now if you hand off the rod and she reels it in i believe its fine.. but if you fight it, land it, you must punch it
Posted by: troller

Re: Question on the regs - 12/30/02 04:44 PM

You catch you punch. You can give it to her but it needs to be accompanied by a note showing your info and that the fish was given to her by you. We right a letter once a year when we come back from opening day of trout. I have a camper with a frezzer so all the fish end up with me. Just incase they have a game road block up. I have only seen that once in 35 years of fishing over their.