Hey Periwinkle

Posted by: hawk

Hey Periwinkle - 12/30/02 05:13 PM

What the heck are you doing in Beulah North Dakota?

My dad was the project engineer for the big *** gassification plant outside of Beulah near Antelope Valley.

You should have brought a fishing rod. They catch a lot of walleyes and trout in the Garrison tailrace at the dam. Never thought I would talk to anyone the rest of my life that knew where Beulah was.
Posted by: Periwinkle

Re: Hey Periwinkle - 12/31/02 12:40 AM

Hawk,,,,,, I sent you an email ,, if your not to far from Morris, look him up sometime, especially if you hunt birds or deer. I know you come out here to fish sometimes. smile