What the???

Posted by: Titanium Cranium

What the??? - 12/30/02 09:45 PM

When I'm fishing my corkies I pin them with a toothpick so it doesn't float up on the leader. Every once in a while I'l have series of casts where I'm constantly pushing the corkie back down to the hook. The reason I pinned it was so it didn't move. I checked the corkie, it appears tight. Not too tight but tight enough. Whats going on here?
Posted by: bardo

Re: What the??? - 12/30/02 10:12 PM

they dont do that if you use 30 lb. test
Posted by: bluenote

Re: What the??? - 12/30/02 10:21 PM

I've also heard not to peg the corkie...

does it matter?

if so, to peg or not to peg is the question
Posted by: Titanium Cranium

Re: What the??? - 12/31/02 12:02 AM

Bardo, do you mean using a piece of 30# test in place of the toothpick? If not then, LOL at Bardo...
Posted by: stilly bum

Re: What the??? - 12/31/02 03:16 AM

Are you using bait with the corkies? When you use eggs your bait loop constricts as your eggs milk out.
Posted by: stlhead

Re: What the??? - 12/31/02 08:29 AM

I let my corkies hang free. The current keeps them at the hook.