Which Pontoon boat???

Posted by: River

Which Pontoon boat??? - 12/30/02 11:36 PM

I am still open to other options, but I think I have narrowed my options down to the Outcast 900, Bucks Extreme, or the Creek Company ODC 1018.

Sorry I can't pay enough to get the Steelheader.

I am leaning toward the 1018 partly because it is $699, 10' with 18" tubes. My concern is the bladder matterial. It has a 30 oz. PVC shell, a 420 denier inner liner, and a 30 guage PVC bladder. The Outcast and the Bucks use Urethane for their bladder.

Any opinions about any 9-10' pontoon boats in the $700-1100 price range? I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this.

I want to use it in the winter and in the summer. Alsea, Siletz, N. and S. Santiam.

The website for the 1018 is: http://creekcompany.com/craft_odc1018.html

Thanks for any advice you can give.
Posted by: chumster

Re: Which Pontoon boat??? - 12/31/02 12:34 AM

river smolt,

check out blackbear pontoons, they are on the web, nice boats!!! seen them at the sportsman show, seem well built.

Posted by: Sidecast

Re: Which Pontoon boat??? - 12/31/02 12:49 AM

River Smolt,

I'm new to the board but have been lurking for a few months, Check out The Pontoon by Don Hill. Heavy duty and Equal to a steelheader in construction.


Good Luck.

Ps. I have a 9' model with 2 paltforms one for rivers and one for lakes for sale.

Posted by: Sparkey

Re: Which Pontoon boat??? - 12/31/02 01:12 AM

Go with the proven performer...the Outcast!! The Bronco Extreme isnt a bad boat but the Outcast isn't much more and it is easy to see the differance in quality between the two boats.

For example, a good freind floated hte Snoqualmie and busted the cheasy brass oarlock on the Bronco Extreme...in a riffle none the less. Those little differances can put your life in danger!!

Buy the Outcast!

...plus I have personel expereince with the Pac 900...have rowed that very boat many times through some rough water...and have had the chance to row many other boats as well...if you purchase the Outcast, you will be happy, guarenteed!!
Posted by: Steelheader69

Re: Which Pontoon boat??? - 12/31/02 02:46 AM

Since you certainly have a price range you have to go with there is a couple ways you can go. If you can wait, save up the extra money and get a really nice boat. But if you have to have one right away, go with the Outcast. I've owned a couple and used most in the line, it will get you by.

Blackbear's and the DH's are running just about same price as Steelheaders. But steelheader's tubes and frames are about strongest built for price range. But you'll be hardpressed to find a used Steelheader under $900. But with pontoon boats, you get what you pay for. If it's inexpensive, something is shortcutted to make it that cheap (materials usually).

I had an old Pac 9 and a REALLY old fishcat, both worked well. Just I like my boats to act like boats. So I like mine fishable at anchor and able withstand some serious water (when I say fish at anchor I mean stand up and fish).

Good luck
Posted by: speyed

Re: Which Pontoon boat??? - 12/31/02 11:16 AM

I've had a bucks extreme for 2 years and use it a lot. Had no problems. A buddy has an out cast and likes his, had no problems. We use them to get from point to point. We rarely fish from them. If you want to use it for transportation, you should be happy with either.
Posted by: DaleD

Re: Which Pontoon boat??? - 12/31/02 02:12 PM

We bought Outcasts, and they've been great. Great quality, but not inexpensive, unfortunately.

Were maybe $1300 each (counting the extra stuff we got) but when you compare that to our $30,000 20' jet boat we bought it's really a bargain!!