Manchester Boat Ramp

Posted by: kingfisherman

Manchester Boat Ramp - 12/31/02 12:27 AM

Has anyone used the Manchester boat ramp lately and can you still get a large boat (21ft) in there. If not were close to manchester can you lauch a larger boat.
Posted by: Haifisch

Re: Manchester Boat Ramp - 12/31/02 12:35 AM

You can launch a 21 footer at Evergreen launch in Bremerton, just not at extreme tides.
Posted by: Never Enough Nookie

Re: Manchester Boat Ramp - 12/31/02 01:20 AM

A 21 fter at Manchester is no problem with about a 4-6 ft plus tide, most tides in the winter are OK, just have to keep an eye out durring the summer, I think Evergreen is a little worse personally.

NEN cool
Posted by: JasonS

Re: Manchester Boat Ramp - 12/31/02 01:08 PM

You only need about 2 feet. It is all right to back off the end of it also. People have built up the rocks on it. The ramp is slick though so beware.