Pinnacle baitcasters

Posted by: mossygo

Pinnacle baitcasters - 04/23/07 03:20 PM

Anybody use one? They have quite a few models from $60-$90 with 7,8,9 bearings. Thought I might give one a try.
Posted by: Channel Chasin

Re: Pinnacle baitcasters - 04/23/07 06:14 PM

I bought a Pinnacle B.A.S.S. combo from Wally World (Walmart) a couple of years ago. It was just your plain 6' bass setup. it worked really good barely any backlashes, and I was just learning how to use a baitcaster. I even caught salmon on it. I screwed it up cu I didn't thorougly rinse it off after fishing in salt water.
Posted by: semago

Re: Pinnacle baitcasters - 04/23/07 11:52 PM

Yeah I got a Pfleuger Trion. For about 100 bucks. Guy said this reel is the new product of the year or something. So seemed like a good deal. Baitcasters are really expensive though. Anything under 100 bucks you risk a very short lived reel. I bought a 70 dollar reel and it lasted me 10 days. The only explanation for the rediculously low quality was the cheap cost. The Pfleuger Trion is supposed to last a few years, so we'll see. Hope it works. Bass are really fun to catch on these reels though. Great accuracy of casting. Make sure to take care of though, and it'll take care of you