New Web Site is almost ready to "Go Live"!

Posted by: Mike C

New Web Site is almost ready to "Go Live"! - 04/24/07 01:47 PM

Author: Mike Carey

Just a heads up, in the next few days you are going to see a new The look and layout will be different. Aaron, myself, and a team of dedicated beta testers have been putting in countless hours getting it ready for you. I know it will be very different in some ways but all the information we currently have will still be there, just better organized.

The new site has many new features and will work better if you register. There is no cost and you will have several upgrades available which you won't get if you don't register (a simple e-mail is all we ask). So I encourage you to register and get your User Name. Now is really the time to think about how you want to enter your reports because with our new, improved search engine you will be able to pull up any report you ever submitted. I encourage you to have a unique user name (I use "Mike Carey") that you will want to keep for years to come. If you have been entering reports under a certain name you should register with that name. Trust us, you will want to use the site even more when you see the goodies we have coming!

I would like to thank our dedicated team of Beta Testers for their hard work over the past month: Carl Costenbader, John Kruse, Bob Johansen, George Penzenik, Johnny Kuhlman, Dave Newby, Marc Martyn, Bruce Middleton, and Doug Wilson.

To the readers - please have patience as we bring the new site online. I'm sure there will be glitches and some issues. There really is a whole lot of new stuff. It will all sort itself out and you'll enjoy the site even more, I'm sure! Mike

BTW, this upgrade will include a new Forum. I've spoken with Bob and he indicated he would most likely archive this one and, hopefully, link into our new Forum. When you register on the new site you will have assess to the new Forum. Sorry to say, I will not be able to move these threads over to the new forum. You are welcome to do this yourself if someone wants to take the initiative and do it.
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Re: New Web Site is almost ready to "Go Live"! - 04/24/07 05:53 PM

Sweet hope this will be a nice upgrade Mike!