Late bowhunt updates

Posted by: Scott B.

Late bowhunt updates - 11/24/02 09:43 PM

OK the weekend is over lets hear how it went for all you who got out with your bows. I am waiting(hoping) for snow and then heading to the eastside for muleys. My brother went this weekend and reported lots of deer and a few bucks one masher but no shots. Said he did see some guys that got bucks so thats good. What do you think is better heavy rut or snow and migration? Hoping to go for that last week but the rut may be winding down but hopefully snow and lots of critters. Lets hear it!
Posted by: Bob

Re: Late bowhunt updates - 11/26/02 08:51 PM

I shot the daylights out of my Block ... but no hunting yet for us frown First week of December ought to see us finally get after them ... as long as we can find something up this way!
Posted by: wabowhunter

Re: Late bowhunt updates - 11/27/02 10:24 AM

Well Scott... I am praying that we get SNOW or more RAIN... moose
Posted by: Scott B.

Re: Late bowhunt updates - 11/27/02 09:15 PM

Looks like we are not going to get our snow for the late hunt this year accorking to the forecast thru next wed. I'm waiting til wed nite next week and heading over for the last 4 days. Should be fun regardless of weather, afterall we could be working! My brother saw lots of deer last weekend and several bucks so we'll just have to make it happen. No snow is better than frozen snow got to look at the bright side of life ya now.Shoot straight.
Posted by: fishmaster

Re: Late bowhunt updates - 11/29/02 07:06 PM

Shot my first bull with a bow nice rag horn
4 x 4. lots of elk running around. can't wait til next year. will have to settle for winter steelheading instead!!
Posted by: Huntar

Re: Late bowhunt updates - 12/01/02 04:25 AM

Filled my archery deer tag yestersday, just a little rat Blacktail buck ("micro-spike"). I'm not gonna complain though, after only being out of the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks, I wasn't being too picky. Thanks to my buddy for dragin' it out.

I spent the day cutting it up and grinding burger and making sausage. Even though it ain't huge, it beats eatin a tag.