Levi Strauss Supports PETA

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Levi Strauss Supports PETA - 04/07/03 07:40 PM

From Darla Solomon
Outdoors Arizona


Well all of you sportsmen out there who are LEVIS GUYS… Guess what…

Levis Strauss has made a donation close to the million dollar mark to P.E.T.A.

Consumer Relations Specialist for Levis Strauss, Shawn Rossiter told me last week that The employees and the family owned company of Levis Strauss made a “considerable donation” to P.E.T.A., per the request of an employee who passed away family, she also informed me that several employees of Levis Strauss support P.E.T.A. and receive matching donations from the parent company of Levis Strauss.

The Levis Strauss Social giving guidelines are: “For the past 50 years, the Levi Strauss Foundation's grantmaking has supported and led social change. Our strategic initiatives range from funding an organization that provides girls in underdeveloped regions of Pakistan access to education to providing resources for Mujeres en Desarrollo, a nonprofit organization in the Dominican Republic that motives young people to change risky behavior by informing them about HIV/AIDS.”

Three interrelated issues direct our global giving programs:

Preventing the Spread of HIV/AIDS through prevention-related programs targeting women and youth, particularly where local policy-makers are receptive or where social bias about HIV/AIDS remains strong;
Increasing Economic Development Opportunities by supporting workforce development, micro-enterprise programs and asset-building initiatives for youth and women; and
Ensuring Access to an Education by funding organizations and programs that provide youth with access where none is likely or by reconnecting young people with school and learning through art and creative expression programs.

When I asked Ms. Rossiter if Levis Strauss had any plans to support wildlife conservation now or in the future, she replied “You can see that wildlife conservation is not part of the focus of the Levis Strauss Foundation” and “wildlife conservation is not something we would consider supporting”.

Since I heard this rumor and have now verified it myself. It is time for sportsmen in Arizona and America let their voice be heard LOUD and CLEAR…

I urge all of you to send the Levis Straus Company a strong message and boycott all products produced by them for yourselves and your family.

"Dedicated to preserving our outdoors heritage from the ground up"


Worldwide and U.S. Headquarters
Levi Strauss & Co.
1155 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
Tel: (415) 501-6000
Fax: (415) 501-7112
Consumer Questions:
(800) USA-LEVI

Dan Chew
Vice President, Worldwide and U.S. Communications
Tel: (415) 501-1380

Jeff Beckman
Senior Manager, Worldwide and U.S. Communications
Tel: (415) 501-1698
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Re: Levi Strauss Supports PETA - 04/07/03 08:56 PM

Thank God for wrangler!!! beer beer beer beer
Posted by: Hairy Ape

Re: Levi Strauss Supports PETA - 04/07/03 09:18 PM

Now what am I supposed to do with my Levi's? I have 3 or 4 new pairs of them!
Posted by: CWUgirl

Re: Levi Strauss Supports PETA - 04/07/03 10:37 PM

Originally posted by Hairy Ape:
Now what am I supposed to do with my Levi's? I have 3 or 4 new pairs of them!
Might as well wear them.. They're already paid for, nothing would be gained by throwing away perfectly good jeans!
Posted by: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Re: Levi Strauss Supports PETA - 04/07/03 11:21 PM

Send them my way... I need something to stuff in my creaky oarlocks... Or you could hold your fish with them... Or somethin else that has to do with animal hurtin... PETA just makes me want to kill more animals... Not sure why.
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Re: Levi Strauss Supports PETA - 04/08/03 12:38 AM

Sell them on E-bay
Posted by: Hairy Ape

Re: Levi Strauss Supports PETA - 04/09/03 12:59 AM

CWU girl, I think I'll take that advice. They were expensive, even at Costco! I just won't buy them again, unless I hear different about where they are donating money. Oh..and I was wondering, are you single?
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Re: Levi Strauss Supports PETA - 04/11/03 07:24 PM

Sounds like a good excuse for me to go naked, hope the neighbors do not mind. laugh