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Bowhunters? - 07/15/04 12:11 PM

Anyone here bowhunt?

I've been hunting traditional gear for the last 10 years, and find I enjoy my hunts a lot more than I used to..not always taking home the meat, but the hunt itself is more challenging.

It's that time of year to get out the bow and start practicing in earnest for the Sept. hunt. Tyying to find a more local spot to go to up here in the Concrete area...suggestions?

Posted by: glowball

Re: Bowhunters? - 07/15/04 10:59 PM

I'm a sliver slinger, but I can't help you with areas around concrete. Give me a hollar if you come down to lewis county. Good luck this year.

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Re: Bowhunters? - 07/16/04 08:02 AM


I've hunted both rifle/bow in the Valley, Modern rifle this year shoot . I love the late hunt when it's wet and possibly some snow on the ground. I don't usually hunt in September because it can still be pretty hot/dry(noisy) and the underbrush can still be pretty thick. I've stalked deer in every corner of this county. It's just a matter of reading the regs closely and figuring out the gmu's. If you're outside in this county then you're in good deer stomping grounds. I've seen some monster blacktail here in lil' ol' Skagit Co. that would make you wet your pants. laugh

As far as practice goes, I love to go down to the archery range in Mount Vernon. Silver Arrow I think it's called. If you're not a member then you can go through their outdoor course for 2 beer tickets in the honor box. They have something like thirty full size paper targets of everything from bunnies to grizzly bears at varying yardage.

I too live in Concrete. If you'd like to go to the range sometime give me a shout.

BTW, the archery shop in west Mount Vernon is up for sale. That would be a fun business. Not sure on the asking price but probably ain't cheap.

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Re: Bowhunters? - 08/05/04 01:22 AM

Hey Glowball

I am looking at hunting the Randal area this year, any suggestions?

Also, thinking about around the cowlitz area, I am just looking for some meat hunting for elk.

Any info would be great.
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Re: Bowhunters? - 08/05/04 02:45 PM

If you are just after meat the Mossyrock unit is probably the ticket. Randle and Packwood are 3 point min areas. I'll pm you with some more info.