Poachers nailed HARD

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Poachers nailed HARD - 11/12/04 09:46 AM

Intresting story. A couple of guys from Battle ground Washington are in some deep poop..

Chris Witt 32 and Bill Witt 57 both from Battleground Washington had been selling Washington state residents " memberships" priced at 5,000 dollars for 4 years. This allowed said memeber to hunt on private land near Nezperse Idaho... One problem, they had no access to said land. To make a long story short, they are charged with multiple charges of poaching elk.. deer.. turkeys.. and illegal outfitting...

This came about when Chris Witt, showed pictures of game that had been shot on the " property".. and made offers of " membership" while guiding some FWS agents on the Columbia river for Sturgeon... The agents booked a hunting trip... and went on it... Just when they thought it was time to bust these dorks.. it got better..

They offered to guide them on a fishing trip to the Skeena river. They accepted the offer, contacted the British Columbia Conservation Service. They went to the Skeena with the Witts. Canadian officials seized their trucks, boats, and all gear. They are now charged with Illegal outfitting in Canada as well as Idaho..

How dumb could two guys be ???
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rofl Dumb and Dumber.
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That's pretty funny, and sad at the same time.
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Why did it take Idaho so long to catch on to the fact this was going on in the state?
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Re: Poachers nailed HARD - 11/16/04 10:27 AM

Like anything our government does, they had to study it for 3-5 years and send some guys out with them forty or fifty times and then send said guys out of state,(all with over time pay) and then charge the poachers. Check out how long it takes the government to raid a crack house or drug house, just pray there is not one in your area.
This guy lived accross the street and had wild parties til dawn, everyone complained about his behavior. Numerious calls, a number of people picked up for driving offenses coming from his place and nothing. It took him defaulting on his home loan, the bank sent a cleaning crew in and they called the cops. You should have seen it, fifteen cop cars, scores of undercover cop cars and lots of people taking notes and evidence. Looked like a scene from a cop show. All of that tax payer money and everyone had left the building a LONG LONG time ago. I found it really pathetic, one cop came over and asked me if I had any comments, I told him that if they would have investigated once when I had reported all that was going on there they could have saved the tax payers tons of money, told him to go back and spend more time taking evidence that would be used against no-body. What a waste of time,effort and money.