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Posted by: B-RUN STEELY

Show and tell - 08/15/07 09:34 AM

My wife will not let me put any dead critters on the wall in my house ( long time issue around my place) Anyway, I had to dig a few racks out of the pile in my garage a couple weeks back to show someone else that hunting over this way this year. Huntings not my thing these days like it used to be. I spend the fall fishing anymore. But a few of the racks I have are truely outstanding, and thought I would share. I have about 15 others, and they all sit in a pile

This ones a freaking monster.. I was once offered 7,000 dollars for this rack.

This one ain't bad either

And this one you would have to see in person, while only 26 wide, the length is unreal

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Re: Show and tell - 08/15/07 12:41 PM

VERY nice bucks B. What's the spread on the 1st one? 35" Mine go in the garage too but it's more like another room with carpet, recliners, big screen & fridge. Heck if it is just lying around the garage I could use $7K about now. Maybe you were gonna mount it one day? or just hang em up in garage.
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Re: Show and tell - 08/15/07 02:18 PM

Its 32 inches wide. The second one was 30.50 ( inside spreads) Score 188 AND 171. There was a guy from Texas that buys and sells them. He shows up at sportsman shows and what not with his check book ready. I know he bought a 345 or so bull rack for about 4,000 - However, you can get those from a game farm, mulies are harder to come by.

I want a truely big whitetail someday. We have em I just don't have the right one yet. My stuff will wind up on a cabin wall someday. Its been my thought to build one when my wife retires.
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Re: Show and tell - 08/15/07 10:43 PM

Holy Hell Dude!!

thank you for sharing those...but, would it kill ya to smile \:\) Just f'n with ya'...I 'spect those were not shot out of the pickup window.

See, we don't have the mulies over on this side of the state and a good blacktail...well, lets just say they don't look like that.

Elk on the other hand are here and double cool, you may have inspired me to scan a few old shots of some sweet bowkills from awhile back...and, if you ever drag your lame ass over here for more than a couple of days I can show you the sweetest collection of elk horns you will ever see....literally tons of shed and attached horns that score "up there" biggest being 418 ..worth the trip.

can I make a knife handle out of yours. please.
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Re: Show and tell - 09/04/07 06:40 PM

Those are some impressive racks there B-RUN....shame they are relegated to the garage. I'd like to know when the last 30" muley was shot in WA. Alright, let's see the elk racks. ;\)

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Re: Show and tell - 09/07/07 12:54 AM

I'd like to know when the last 30" muley was shot in WA.

Probably last year in the wilson creek expensive permit only unit.
Some monsters runnin around in there.
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Re: Show and tell - 09/07/07 09:31 AM

 Originally Posted By: Ikissmykiss

Alright, let's see the elk racks. ;\)


I only have one elk rack thats worth looking at. Its hanging in a buddies office. The problem with elk is, I cap the first one I see with horns. You don't get enough chances at those suckers to be picky.