Spring training!

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Spring training! - 04/15/10 06:39 PM

Grey Diggers, Stump rats or what ever you want to call them. They are fun to hunt. I hunt them from the first warm days of spring through the summer. I target them in pretty much the same ares I hunt black tails. And I use pretty much the same technique for both. Pull up on a likely looking clear cut and start glassing.

On a good day you can get off 20 or so shots. I only shoot about 1/3 of what I see. Most of them get away by time I get ready to shoot. First I spot them, Then range them, Find a good shooting position, Put in ear plugs, recheck range, Adjust turrets then shoot.

When I do get a shot I rarely miss. It is great practice for long range shooting too. I rarely shoot at them if they are closer than 100 yards.

Hunting diggers is also a good way to scout for deer. Last year while digger hunting I found quite a few decent bucks. As you all know black tails stay in the same general area year round.

The rifle I use for digger hunting is the same rifle I use for long shots on deer. It is a Rem model 700 VS in .243 Ackley improved. Early in the year I use my varmint loads on them. As deer season approaches I switch over to my hunting loads. This way I have a ton of confidence in my rifle and shooting ability. A digger is way smaller than the vital area of a deer. If I can whack a digger out at 400 yards, I Know I will have no problem dumping a deer at that range.

A couple pics

First one this year. 175 yards. Just nicked it in the neck.

132 yard head shot!

My buddy with a 75 yard AR kill, Hand loaded 55 grain V-max's do a number on them.

227 yard kill. 85 grain Sierra HPBT Game King out of the Ackley.

It looks like it may be a good weekend to get after them.
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Re: Spring training! - 04/15/10 06:41 PM

WTF, dude!
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Re: Spring training! - 04/16/10 01:18 AM

what do you do with them.
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Re: Spring training! - 04/16/10 10:48 AM

ground squirrel stew

here are a few from last year with the 17 hmr. they should be out this weekend here in northern idaho with the temps in the 70's

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Re: Spring training! - 04/20/10 12:18 AM

More Spring Training.

123 yards.

270 yards.

I over shot the 270 yarder on the first shot. I held low the second shot launched him.
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Re: Spring training! - 04/20/10 09:26 PM

Nice shooting.

Training is important.

Rock pigeons have been meeting the same demise in our back yard courtesy of my kid with his bow.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

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Re: Spring training! - 04/23/10 04:28 PM

Been a long time since I shot any varmits. I was pretty heavy into it for a couple of years. Graydiggers, rockchucks, and magpies were my targets.
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Re: Spring training! - 04/25/10 11:56 PM

Right On!!!!

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Re: Spring training! - 04/26/10 02:43 PM

Originally Posted By: sykofish
Nice shooting.

Training is important.

Rock pigeons have been meeting the same demise in our back yard courtesy of my kid with his bow.

Practice, Practice, Practice.



The other evening I took another buddy of mine out for a quick spring bear hunt. We didnt find any bears. He did kill a Boone and Crockett digger though.

I really need to head to the east side and get on the sage rats and rock chucks!.

My girlfriend really wants to draw some blood! The diggers have evaded her so far. All the ones we see when she is with never stick around long enough to get shot at.

I think we are going to try a different technique on them.

Here she is practicing the new technique.
Supressed M 16
Close quarter digger killing practice with the PPS 43

Last Saturday at the range.
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Re: Spring training! - 05/17/10 01:33 PM

More recent kills.

.17HMR and .243 AI kills, Guess which is which.

The girlfriends first kill. 55 yards with the Ackley.

82 yard head shot with Ackley.

The girlfriends second kill. 207 yards!!! I think I created a killing machine. Until she met me she had never fired a gun. Now I have her shooting full auto stuff and slaying poor helpless forest critters. She is chomping at the bit to deer and elk hunting. She can hit bowling pins at 400 yards and hit 12" steel plates at 550. She is becoming quite the marksman.
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Re: Spring training! - 05/17/10 10:57 PM

Good job on getting the girlfriend shooting.

The pic's.....Maybe a little graphic.

LMAO rofl