Muzzie Elk

Posted by: RICH G

Muzzie Elk - 09/08/18 08:09 AM

Have not been elk hunting since 2009, and I archery hunted that year shot over the back of a brush rack 3 pt on opening morning from 5 yards, misjudged distance.

Killed one elk in my life 2006, my first year elk hunting. TC Black Diamond .50 call. 120 yards 6x6 net 260. Hunted hard for 4 days south of Forks. On the 5th day I was tired so me and my brother just drove around so I could recharge for day 6. It was off the Undi road 500 yards. Pulled the elk out whole with 500 yards of bailing wire hooked to the back of my jeep. Got real lucky. Spotted a lone cow at the edge of a swamp off the Undi road, a bit of an investigation and waiting for a shot found me a nice bull.

Breaking out the black diamond for another try this year on the west end.
Posted by: NickD90

Re: Muzzie Elk - 09/09/18 07:46 AM

Good luck Rich! Go git' em' and let us know how you do!
Posted by: Ikissmykiss

Re: Muzzie Elk - 09/12/18 03:12 PM

I too hope you get one Rich! I have a hunch you will be infinitely more successful hunting creatures that actually exist....

Posted by: RICH G

Re: Muzzie Elk - 10/10/18 09:28 PM

missed opportunities, delayed fire on a 75 yard broad side shot on a rag rack and a missed shot at 140 yards downhill in timber on another rag rack.
Posted by: NickD90

Re: Muzzie Elk - 10/12/18 07:31 AM

That sucks Rich, but at least you got out there and saw some animals. With the recent primer and breech plug law change, you might want to look into converting your muzzy over to 209's for better performance.
Posted by: RICH G

Re: Muzzie Elk - 10/12/18 12:21 PM

It was a 209 in my brothers new CVA, only time its ever done that.

I shoot #11 magnums, never had a problem.