Lick Crick

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Lick Crick - 08/01/20 01:55 PM

I drew a Lick Creek special permit this year.

So far Iíve enjoyed the process. Working with my rifle, getting in shape, organizing gear and planning everything from meals to strategy. Anybody hunt that zone during the archery cow season? Iíll be looking for a 300+ bull.

Hope to finish this thread up in October w/ some pics.
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Re: Lick Crick - 08/01/20 03:18 PM

That's a nice tag - congrats. That general area is getting busier every year, especially since a certain famous hunting celeb did a show down there and told the whole world about. I do know a guy that archery hunts around there and he shared the has good amount of forest access and road structure compared to other BM units. There are some "tougher to access" and more remote "hidden" canyons and slots that you can sneak into to get away from other hunters (that's where I'd be). Lots of cats from what he told me and that's hurt some of the overall herd numbers over the years. If it's an early cold fall, some of the Elk may vacate that unit and head down to private land.

Good luck.
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Re: Lick Crick - 08/03/20 06:10 PM

I thought it said "lick crack" sorry my bad...
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Re: Lick Crick - 08/04/20 05:58 AM

Gonna be good.
Go where others dont.
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Re: Lick Crick - 08/04/20 02:56 PM

If you are in the unit, fairly remote, and can see the south facing side of a mountain across the creek........ you are doing something right.
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Re: Lick Crick - 08/25/20 11:29 AM


FYI - there is a new fire down that way in the Blues. Rattlesnake Fire near Pomeroy. I don't know much about it, but I think it's the larger general area, not Lick Crick. may want to check it out, just in case they start shutting down access.

Good luck,
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Re: Lick Crick - 08/26/20 01:55 PM

Have you done much scouting in the area?

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Re: Lick Crick - 08/26/20 07:45 PM

Me or Corny?

Regardless, that's a no from me. I'm wet side.