Did duck hunting suck for everyone?

Posted by: HBP

Did duck hunting suck for everyone? - 02/05/02 02:45 PM

I hunted all over the state this year, ( Potholes,CWR,Skagit,Zipperlip ponds ) and the ducks just didn't seem to show up. We did o.k. at Potholes but nothing like years past. Even some of the guides I talked with reported a pretty lame season. Anybody do any better than our group?
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Re: Did duck hunting suck for everyone? - 02/05/02 04:29 PM

I only set my dekes out 4 times this year. It seemed that I was too busy chasing deer, elk and fish to get much time for ducks. On the days when we did get out, we did fair over decoys. I had a few exceptional days jumpshooting. I only hunted in the Chehalis Valley near Porter.

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Re: Did duck hunting suck for everyone? - 02/05/02 05:17 PM

my buddies did S****Y this year hunting the cherry valley area.
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Re: Did duck hunting suck for everyone? - 02/06/02 02:23 AM

The bird harvest was very light here in Oregon. The Sauvie Island public shooting area had the lightest take ever according to the refuge manager. As far as the private clubs go it was very poor for some. One 10 man club took less that 100 birds which was about a 90% drop in harvest. Our club took about 1400 fewer birds than our annual average. Its a large club with 20 members. The take represents about a 65% drop. Our valley clubs did poorly as well. I shoot on an exchange hunt basis with friends and their reports are in line with what happened on the island. A buddy in Klamath Falls sings the same tune. The majority concludes they didn't stop for long in Oregon. Sure we all had a few great days but not nearly as many as in the past. Warm weather, lots of sheet water to scatter them and then off to points south. Oh well....I'm getting ready for next year.
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Re: Did duck hunting suck for everyone? - 02/06/02 10:06 PM

Well lets just say I am rather depressed about this years duck season. I went countless times, I set decs out and jumpshot. I drove up north and visited local ponds and reserves. I didn't take more birds then you can count on two hands. Is it just me or did everything seem to be flying high, even in low ceiling conditions.
Oh well I'll be back at it next year.
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Re: Did duck hunting suck for everyone? - 02/07/02 01:13 AM

Salmon fishing was too good to quit and duck hunting was too bad to start this year. I have one West Side hotspot with some farmers who befriended me that has been just spectacular the past 4 years. This last season, the ducks just never showed in numbers on the farm I hunt.... Maybe next year.
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Re: Did duck hunting suck for everyone? - 02/07/02 12:58 PM

We only ended up hunting 3 or 4 days this year due to lack of birds. Hopefully next year will be better, I had high hopes for good shooting this year.