Varmint hunters out there?

Posted by: FishPirate

Varmint hunters out there? - 03/19/02 12:49 AM

Just wondering if any of you guys chase varmints or coyotes around this time of year? My .22-250 is collecting a little too much dust, and I'm itching to get out.
Posted by: DM

Re: Varmint hunters out there? - 03/19/02 10:01 AM

i have never been coyote hunting but I would like to also. What make is your 22-250 I would really like to buy one and wondered what the pros and cons where about them. smile
Posted by: Dogfish

Re: Varmint hunters out there? - 03/19/02 12:01 PM

I went out two weeks ago. No dogs, but we did see a few elk. I have an old custom Mauser in .22-250, bull barrel, double set Timney trigger, and a Leupold 6.5-20x50 Vari-X 3. If I can see it, I can shoot it. The only problem with tha rifle is it weighs about 14 pounds. OUCH!

The .22-250 is a solid performer, probably the benchmark of varmint cartidges. If you reload, it is a great cartridge. If you don't, I might suggest going .223 on your next rifle, specially if you are going to burn through lots of ammo. There is a significant price difference between the two, and you will always be able to find the .223, even in the smallest general store in the middle of nowhere. Both cartidges are more than enough medicine for any varmint out there, and from a shoot table or other rig both are easily 300 yards cartridges on a calm day.

Posted by: FishPirate

Re: Varmint hunters out there? - 03/20/02 12:14 AM

I have a ruger heavy barrel, with the same scope as dogfish, and a harris bipod. I can shoot at squirrels/bottles at several hundred yards, and after I recover from the recoil (very little however), watch them explode through my scope.

So back to my question, does anyone know some good areas to do some varminting?
Posted by: HBP

Re: Varmint hunters out there? - 03/20/02 01:05 AM

There are probably too many people fishing back there now, but I've seen a bunch of coyotes behind the MarDon resort at potholes all winter. We saw 3 in one day on the Mar.1st trout opener. I don't hunt them specifically, but I shot one with my .338 on the way back from elk hunting in Yakima. I figured I might get a nice pelt out of the deal. My thinking was the .338 bullet would'nt expand in an animal that small, yea right laugh
Posted by: FishPirate

Re: Varmint hunters out there? - 03/21/02 08:03 PM

If you reload, I'd recommend the .220 Swift. If not, I like the -250 or .223. The .223 cartridges are cheap, but I like the velocity out of the -250.

Both are susceptible to wind--