Olympic Peninsula Elk

Posted by: jtl85

Olympic Peninsula Elk - 03/24/02 05:55 PM

I was looking through the special permit hunts for bow hunters on the Olympic P. I wondered if any of you know anything about the cow hunt in the Quinalt unit in late Novenber and early December. Usually a lot of elk in this area? And is there much public land. Thanks .
Posted by: Dogfish

Re: Olympic Peninsula Elk - 03/25/02 08:48 PM

They have a good population of elk in that area. The WDFW has a few areas where they have AHE hunts, and where those hunts are you will find issues with elk damaging private property. You will need to ask for permission, but it would be worth it. Try for the AHE, better permits that last longer. You might also check out the Chehalis hunts if you get the AHE card.

The Quinault ridge area that overlooks the lake from the south is one area where you will find the elk. I suggest a trip around "the loop", and a side trip up the forest roads.

Last time I flew over that area we saw 6 different herds of 6 to 20 animals. I'm sure there were a lot more because we only flew in a straight line.