Posted by: Big Jim

Pigs - 03/30/02 12:07 AM

Has anyone hunted or seen any of the Satsop or Wynoochie feral pigs? If so would you be willing to cough up some data to me about where you saw them. I have been itching for some wild boar sausage. If I get one I will even send some your way. Thanks.
Posted by: Dogfish

Re: Pigs - 04/01/02 12:00 PM

Been looking hard for the last year. From what I heard they got hit pretty hard just before last deer season and got pushes out near Matlock. Talked with one of the bios (friend of family), and they can't track them down either. Check within a 4 mile raidus of the cougar-smith road(they spell it couger on one sign), in western Mason County. Only saw three one day in a field.
Posted by: UltimateFeashKacher

Re: Pigs - 04/05/02 01:16 AM

cougar rd? cougars like bacon eek maybe they have been dinner unless cougars are vegetarian laugh