Posted by: fish4steel

Turkeys?? - 04/30/02 02:57 PM

I saw a lot of turkey talk going on here earlier. What happened, did y'all get outwitted by Mr Gobbler? rolleyes Just curious, because I didn't go... I'd like to hear how you did...don't need to know where, just tell us a "turkey" story. smile
Posted by: DM

Re: Turkeys?? - 04/30/02 09:41 PM

Your right there steel Mr. Gobbler out smarted me.
I left the weekend before opening day down to the kettle Falls area me and my bud stayed there for a week and saw a few birds but behind no trespass signs we were feeling prety bummed because we had gon all week with out a shot or a close encounter and we were set to leave friday. Here comes the story, we figured we would get friday morning and go hunting and be back in time to hit the road. So we set out to the place we had been going all week, we get there go threw the same rutine load the guns gather are calls ect.... and start up the hill into the woods wer're walking along when Gobble Gobble Gobble!!!, keep in mind it is still about 3a.m. and very dark so there still roosting so we get as close to where we think he is going to land as possible well i guess it wasnt close enough becuase when he came out of the tree he flew aboout 120yds up the hill and to make matters worse he allready had about 15 hens with him so you know now there is no calling him, we wait and wait until finally they started moving up the hill to where we could sneak on them but that was unsucsessfull and we never did get close enough but geees he was a nice tom maybe about a 17 18 pounder 8,9" beared. But we both went home with a grin on our faces happy from are not close enough encounter. smile smile