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Cocktails - 05/22/18 12:00 PM

Nothing goes better with good food than a good cocktail. For those that love to partake is a cocktail or two, post your favorites here.

I'll start things off with a few of my favorites:

The Trinidad Sour

1 oz Angostura Bitters
1 oz Orgeat
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz Rye

Combine the ingredients in a shaker and fill with ice. Shake well to chill. Strain in to a chilled glass.

Golden Sands Swizzle

1 oz Yellow Chartreuse
1/2 oz Lemon Hart 151 Demera Rum
1 oz fresh pineapple juice
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz Falernum Syrup

Combine ingredients in a tall collins glass and fill 3/4 with crushed ice; swizzle until the glass is frosted. Tip with additional crushed ice; garnish with a sprig of spearment and a grate of fresh nutmeg.

Finally a classic:

The Negroni

1 oz Gin
1 oz Compari
1 oz sweet vermouth (not the cheap crap)

Still all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Strain into a rocks glass with a single ice cube, or strain neat in to a martini glass. Garnish with an orange twist and don't be afraid to get plenty of that orange oil in the cocktail when using your channel knife.
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Re: Cocktails - 05/23/18 09:33 AM

Many moons ago I invented what is now known as the "Skykomish Sunrise". I like a bit of tartness over sweetness, so this recipe hits the spot. The key is using Simply Brand which is the best of the breakfast juices

Tito's (1, 2, 3, 4 or many fingers - to each his own)
Simply Brand Limeade
Splash of either Simply Brand Grapefruit, Mango Lemonade, Cranberry or Pineapple depending on what you like.

Mix well. Pour into a stainless steel water bottle (or several). Garnish with a bit of leafy greens to taste. Sit in the front seat of the drift boat and proceed to annoy the stick man to the fullest of your abilities while catching some fishes - but not as many as you should be catching if'n you hadn't decided that 7 fingers would be much better than 2. This time tested recipe never fails to produce results.
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Re: Cocktails - 07/12/18 05:20 AM

These are some fantastic mixes! Would definitely try them out.
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Re: Cocktails - 08/15/19 01:25 PM

Originally Posted By: stam
"A John Daly is an alcoholic mixed drink consisting of lemonade, iced tea, and vodka, named after American golfer John Daly. It can also be made with lemonade and sweet tea vodka (a vodka infusion). The drink is an alcoholic version of the Arnold Palmer (also named after an American golfer)."

My all time after work hot day round off the rough edges drink, so many things to love about this one, add some fizzy water to improve over the original.

1/2 ice
1/2 vodka
1/2 Iced tea
1/2 lemonade
1/2 Soda water

...just that easy.

I'm confused, theres 5 half's?
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Re: Cocktails - 08/16/19 08:06 AM

Originally Posted By: Benjamin Hayashi
Cocktails are very interesting and necessary for many people. That is the reason, why a lot of them are going to make sure in the quality provided.

Thanks for hot tip Benji! Hope your "travel writing as a student" endeavors are going well.
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Re: Cocktails - 09/02/19 02:40 PM

I call it "Drink", as in "I am gonna have a Drink".

Take one crystal tumbler, put in one big ice cube, pour in enough *______ * to cover the ice cube by about a finger. That should be about three ounces.

*bourbon or rye

Drink the Drink.

Fish on...

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Re: Cocktails - 09/05/19 05:18 AM

A friend from a Facebook group suggested and I tried caipirinha lately:

1/2 lime
1/2 to 2 teaspoons sugar (to taste)
2 ounces​ cachaša
Garnish: lime wheel

Very refreshing.
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Re: Cocktails - 09/30/19 09:18 PM

Here's an old fall time favorite....

Hot Apple Pie:

Tuaca (a flavored Brandy - it's easy to find)
Hot Apple Cider
Whip Cream

Tastes exactly like grandma's hot apple pie. It's great around Halloween for cold haunted hay rides or a cold day Coho fishin'.

Also, it was recently discovered in Elk camp that Fireball and Instant Apple Cider is a crowd pleaser.
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Re: Cocktails - 10/14/19 05:49 PM

But I'm tired! Been walkin' all day.
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Re: Cocktails - 12/19/19 08:09 AM

Just in time for Christmas:


1.5 cup whole cranberries
1 fuji apple
15 sage leaves
2 rosemary sprigs. Use the needles, no stems.
1.5 cup apple cider vinegar

Puree all of this.

Add 3/4 cup raw sugar to a quart jar. Add the rinds of 1 lemon and 1 orange. Add your puree mixture, seal, and shake well.

Store for 7 days, turning the jar over every day.

On day 7, strain through a cheese cloth.

Drink it straight, or on ice with some sparking water, or do 1 part shrub to 3 parts prosecco.
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Re: Cocktails - 12/19/19 08:16 AM

Another good low alcohol Christmas drink.

Milk Punch

Heat a skillet over low heat 2-3 minutes and add in 1/2 cup of allspice berries. Toast for an additional minute. Wrap toasted berries in a towel and smash 'em up with the skillet. Add the crushed berries to a quart jar and pour in 2.5 cups of "navy proof" rum. Let this sit for 10 days.

On day 10, add 200 grams of sugar in to a sauce pan. Strain the jar mixture in to the pan. Low heat, stir occasionally for 15 minutes. Cool and store in a jar.

Heat 2.25 cups of water to 208 degrees. Add in 8 earl grey tea bags. Steep tea for 3 minutes exactly. Add in 85 grams of sugar, 4 oz dark rum, 2 oz of the spiced rum you made above, 2 oz lemon juice, and 1 cup of ruby port.

In a pitcher, pour 1 cup WHOLE milk first. Add the tea mixture on top. Let sit in a cool place for an HOUR.

Strain mixture through a coffee filter.
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Re: Cocktails - 12/19/19 10:08 PM

My ex gf drank shrubs. Read into that what you will.
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Originally Posted By: NickD90
My ex gf drank shrubs. Read into that what you will.

Sounds like an ex I had who would get all hammered and get really wild. Her dad was a retired marine and he liked me but he was a bit intimidating and I wondered if he could hear what I was doing to his daughter upstairs.
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Re: Cocktails - 12/20/19 08:28 AM

I had a meeting in a building across the street from the big Nordstrom's downtown yesterday afternoon, and we were informed that there is a rather nice lounge on the 3rd floor in Nordstrom's, so my assistant and I wandered over there after the meeting.

It's kind of a fancy cocktail kinda place, and they made me their version of a Sazerac, which is one of my favorite fancy drinks...fuckme, it was good.

Fish on...

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Re: Cocktails - 12/25/19 10:08 AM

Shrub. Ugh

Sazerac. Good