With the last bit of cold and snow ready to blow thru and waiting for a bit of calling and shooting after the storms, I took the time to shamelessly cut and paste this nice intro thread from one of our better known hunter-planners, and gamey-getters. wink

The season will soon be upon us. I'm already thinking of the crisp fall mornings, color changes, college football on the radio and some tasty backstrap frying up in the skillet. I'm also thinking about all of the good work that needs to be done between now and opening morning.

Time to get crackin' on some trail clearing and scouting.
How are you prepping for the season?
That said, I just finished with my first stab at getting back to it by sending a few 2019 hunting $$$ to the wdfw, while making a few hopeless, but optimistic applications to a few special hunts starting with this spring and a possible bear hunt.


- "Wild steelhead were more numerous this year than they were in the 1970s" ( ITYOOL - 2015 )

- "It's past the time to "play nice", after all, they are pooching us royally."