CR 102 Supplemental Splits Grays Harbor / Willapa WAC

As we have all waited for the CR 102 Supplemental for Grays Harbor & Willapa that will define the Non Treaty Commercial seasons one had to wonder how WDF&W would get the implementation timelines in sync with the legal requirements. TaDa .................. now we know how, you separate Willapa from Grays Harbor with a CR 102 Supplemental.

From WDF&W the notification below:

Today we filed a CR-102 Supplemental for Willapa Bay and river-mouth definitions. You can view it by going to this page,, and clicking on the item for NOF Willapa Bay/Grays Harbor. Our Fish Program tells me they do not know when they will be ready to file a CR-102 Supplemental for Grays Harbor. Iíll let you know if and when we do file one.

With mid August for the Willapa Commercial start up and supposedly the first week of October in the Chehalis something had to give as the timeline for public comment / passage / implementation on the combined Grays Harbor and Willapa WAC was about to be out of reach for the agency. To be honest this is not really a surprise for the reasons stated above and at first read looks to follow what Region 6 staff put forward at the Olympia North of Falcon meeting March 29th.

Grays Harbor? Darned if I know but they do have a CR 102 on the books filed March 6th ( same Link provided above ) that could be voted on by the Commission or they can do a CR 102 Supplemental. Anyway you look at it the separation of Willapa and Grays Harbor did little to solve any of the issues revolving around the 2013 Commercial Seasons just simply got the Willapa timeline in compliance with the law.

Come to think of it that is a new one .............. being in compliance with the law ............... look at the progress!

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