Oh boy that is a good question. Nothing new I think if you have made the other meetings including the AD HOC. To what degree the AHA model is ready I think is questionable but if you have not seen Andy's presentation that would be new. Not sure on the draft plan as that first draft looked like a hunk of Swiss Cheese with all the holes it had in it. So yes / no which is not all that satisfactory but this thing is narrowing down so at some place soon they have just stop putting out info and actually address the issues.

From my perspective I am going to be present & participate as all should. That said be ready for this option crap they keep going to as it is a load of BS. Simplest way to put it is the agency has steered folks straight to harvest options and failed miserably to this point to define just what the Commission instructions mean to Willapa hatchery production & harvest. Go to the last Commission meeting and listen to Conrad Mahnken outline what is SUPPOSED to be the standards utilized in the new management plan. We ain't close!
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in