Well it is that time, you know the crystal ball thing. So what I see so far on GH Rec fisheries. The Summer Chinook are late and likely no shows as forecast. The Summers are really strange as they just do not perform as the Falls do and so far not much but we have ugly water right now with the summer crud getting in with the showers and water temp was at 70 but is down to 65 here in tidewater so hard to tell. That said just with what I know and have seen before I say Chinook run will be at or above escapement prior to commercial impacts but it will ramp up late. Also the Chinook jacks have been head down running hard right through tidewater.

Coho jacks the same all sea liced up and no hanging in tidewater either but moving right up also. Other places have Coho in good condition not starved so that part is good. So it is hard to get a feel for it but I have seen this pattern before and usually the run ramps up differently than normal.

So first bet is the Summer Chinook will under perform a lot, as will the falls but not as badly so runsize before harvest somewhat above escapement. Coho I think will out perform expectations and be in good condition but as to numbers I do not want throw that much BS out yet.

QIN are doing poorly but 8 1/8 mesh pretty much passes smaller fish. Also some Coho in cooler water if you know where to look and they are small. That is good as at 5 or 6 lbs this early it is about right as they came in 4 to 6 weeks early and lack the 4 to 5 lbs they would have picked up had they stayed put in the ocean.

One last thing for whatever the reason the weather skipped September and went right to October so when one looks outside it says fishing time. Ah nope. The fish could care less unless it rains so don't let your eyes rule your brain or you will loose. It is simply a early fall and things on the fish side are late / or / or / ...............

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