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Makers of those blades?

(L) Buck Kaala with added ivory micarta grip/red liners and Kydex necker sheath done by Dale Howe of Howe Mountain Knives. It's S30V steel with BOS heat treating. Wicked edge. The Kaala is long discontinued by Buck but you can occasionally find them on ebay. With the added grips/liners it's basically a dandy custom blade for around a C-note and a dainty drop point necker that I have used for everything but skinning, including holding it like a pencil to gingerly slice connective tissue when pulling a buck/bull's dick and bladder out of his pelvis.

(R) Bob Dozier K-19 Pro Skinner in D2 tool steel/black micarta grips. Much prefer S30V but my love gave it to me for a birthday present years ago (with a penny). Handily peels bucks and bulls and the grip shape keeps my slimy mitts solidly attached to the dull part. Really like Gene Ingram's #1 Semi Skinner but the Dozier will likely remain in my pack.

As evidenced by your links, there are a lot of gizmos in the hunting cutlery market place begging for your $$. I'll proffer that all one *really* needs is a pair similar to those above in S30V steel. Specifically, a nimble one like Ingram's Yellowjacket or Dozier's K-33 B&T for opening up and parting out bucks/bulls, grouse, trout, etc. and t'other for peeling hides. Having 2 in your pack also keeps Mother Murphy away should you lose/break one miles into a steep and deep drainage. Spend your cash once, enjoy them for all your splendid days afield and hand them down to your progeny. Savvy?

Have long preferred fixed blades to folding that get bloody for obvious reasons. I also keep a small ceramic sharpening rod in a 1/2" PVC pipe case in my pack to touch them up should I want. Both blades will easily do a complete elk without a touch up if one is smart enough to keep from running the blade on bone. I use the base of the blade for cutting tendons around joints and such to save the tip's edge. YMMV.