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Thanks Erik. I know that area pretty well, but haven't hunted it before. I hope to check it out this weekend.

Myass...I know its tough to do, but maybe leave the pups at home if they are jumping birds early? Are you seeing more birds still higher up or are they starting to spread out a bit?

No can do with the dogs, almost more important than the shotguns in bringing birds to hand ! wink

The birds seem to be spreading out. We actually were jumping more birds lower in the bottoms, creeks, and thick stuff early. The wild flushers were all bigger birds, likely parents with little guys. We jumped a good number of broods early, but now mostly singles. With this rain and wet up high in the last few daze, weeks, the berries have finally plumped up nice, and the birds are showing. We are hunting close to home, mostly around the White , Geenwater, and Puyallup drainages.on the wet side from the bottoms to the crest...

Good Luck

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