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#145388 - 03/18/02 01:02 AM Re: Why people pack heat?
Doug Kelly Offline

Registered: 02/22/00
Posts: 752
Loc: Bothell WA
better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, all though i believe in conceled weapons 100% if done leaglely, for those of you who think the second ammendment gives you the righy to bare arms you better go back a read a little closer, the first sentance states a well regulated militia, how many of you belong to a well regulated militia? its not a constittional right but a privalage so don't abuse it, use common sence and play by the rules and you have nothing to worry about just my 02 worth

#145389 - 03/18/02 01:04 AM Re: Why people pack heat?
Doug Kelly Offline

Registered: 02/22/00
Posts: 752
Loc: Bothell WA

#145390 - 03/18/02 01:14 AM Re: Why people pack heat?
Metalhead Mojo Offline

Registered: 11/26/01
Posts: 555
Loc: Browns Point
Doug, what part of "the right of the people to keep and bear arms" do you not understand??? confused

maybe you should read it again...
alcohol, tobacco, firearms, who's bringing the chips?

#145391 - 03/18/02 01:17 AM Re: Why people pack heat?
birdhunter Offline

Registered: 10/15/01
Posts: 12
Loc: Clackamas or Corvallis or Ashl...
I carry on the river, and sure it's for protection from people (there are some real crazies out there), but mostly it's for the hunting. Not that I'd hesitate if my life was threatened.

You see down in Oregon we've still got furbearer seasons. Winter time I always have a little .22 Ruger. Mostly use it to pop nutria or the odd emu on the way down. wink ADC at it's best. Eastern Oregon has it's share of rattlesnakes and coyotes too. I can think of a couple occasions I've used a gun for my own protection too. An incident with a cougar really stands out. If I hadn't been packing, I wouldn't be here now.

Oh, there's ALWAYS a shotgun in the DB during duck/goose season too. laugh

How's that for a motive!
"The Salvage King"
Club Clackamas
Sturgeon Kissers Anonymous
Beaver Believer

#145392 - 03/18/02 10:31 AM Re: Why people pack heat?
Steelheader69 Offline

Registered: 12/14/99
Posts: 817
Loc: Tacoma WA
I too carry gun on the river. In fact, after my experiences Ii'm REALLY packing. I ended up having a custom cataraft frame built by Osprey. It sits 2 up front, me in midle, and one raised iin th rear of cat as taiilgunner. I have a custom pedestal mount, an M60 mounted on pedestal, and extra ammo cans on both sides of tail gunner. See, this way noone harrases me while Ii'm floating. We can demolish a whole heard of elk/deer on the riverbank (talk abou a killer BBQ guys) and I can give a couple quick warning shots across bow of boat I'm about to lowhole. Gues how many of thse boats I lowhole that trashtalk me? laugh

LOL. Ok, I'm kidding (Hey OS, call me, we have a new cat to make LOL). I nver pack heat. Never had a gun pulled oon me, nor have I ever seen one pulled either. Have I thought about it? More and more each time I go fishing. It's went from a "How's the fishing?" greeting as you pass another boat to just a pure glare o hatred between boats. Just don't get it anymore. Plus, I agree that if somone is to be breaking into my auto when I show up, it's best to be prepared then to be dead. I know my filet knife isn't a match for a 9mm.

HMMMM, maybe to get myself a BAR50 or an M60. LOL
Cataraft Pro Staff
Team OkieWhore
Fly Tiers Anonymous Pro Staff

Northwest River Fisherman

#145393 - 03/18/02 11:33 AM Re: Why people pack heat?
Doug Kelly Offline

Registered: 02/22/00
Posts: 752
Loc: Bothell WA
stiffler not looking for a arguement, i believe 100% in being able to carry, its the wording that is in question (well regulated militia) hec the N.F.L. is regulated but have a set of written guide lines, just wondering to what extent this means,so what is well regulated? maybe the way i stated that didn't come accross right,doug

#145394 - 03/18/02 11:49 AM Re: Why people pack heat?
Dave Jackson Offline

Registered: 04/18/01
Posts: 861
Loc: Milwaukie, OR
Damn, I specifically stayed out of this thread until today and I find that G-MAN hacking on me not once but TWICE.

G-MAN Slam #1: No, keep your cotton-picking trailer outta my property or I'll lay my signature move on yo azz (the "Tree Hugger Ribcage Crush")

G-MAN Slam #2: Don't MAKE me whip out the sturgeon video on you. Four gators, all around 9' in length. You're gonna be pumping BB's into those girls for days. Just like a DAWG to be under-equipped for the job. You all know about bringing undersized sticks in to get the job done, though.

Oh, my opinion on the gun thing? If you feel like you need to pack heat, keep it to yourself. Don't show up looking like a old West throwback with the gun belt down around your azzhole, because you're just looking for trouble. If you don't wanna pack heat, bring mace or some other deterrant. However, take a look at this thread and know that others are probably packing.

There are nearly as many azzholes with guns as there are bizatches who cry about it. I'm somewhere in between. And for the person a page ago who said that people pack heat to make up for poor penis size? Well, maybe that's why I DON'T pack heat. laugh Or do I? confused
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#145395 - 03/18/02 01:15 PM Re: Why people pack heat?
QwikSticks Offline
Juvenile at Sea

Registered: 04/13/00
Posts: 152
Loc: Brier, WA
You dont need a handgun when you order your Willie with the protection package

#145396 - 03/18/02 02:39 PM Re: Why people pack heat?
elparquito Offline
The Chosen One

Registered: 02/09/00
Posts: 14031
Loc: Margaritaville
All I can say is I want to be first in line to be the "Bow Gunner" on QuickStick's boat!

"Man the 60 Parker, we're going fishin'!"

"Get some! Get some! You want some, too? Get some!"

"Hey Parker, how can you shoot women and children?"

"Easy! Just don't lead them as much!!!"

"Get some! Get some!"


#145397 - 03/18/02 06:36 PM Re: Why people pack heat?
Coot22 Offline

Registered: 03/12/02
Posts: 12
Loc: P-Town, OR
Parker....LOL! Great movie reference! laugh


#145398 - 03/18/02 07:35 PM Re: Why people pack heat?
Dogfish Offline
Poodle Smolt

Registered: 05/03/01
Posts: 10979
Loc: McCleary, WA
Yeah, well the Coastguard buzzed us once a few weeks ago with their Emergency Response Team boat out at Pt. Defiance. They had two M60's. Gotta love a belt fed weapon, but how do I fit it in my waistband?
"Give me the anger, fish! Give me the anger!"

They call me POODLE SMOLT!

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#145399 - 03/18/02 08:28 PM Re: Why people pack heat?
shytuna Offline
Eyed Egg

Registered: 02/04/02
Posts: 7
Loc: fort lewis, wa.
Howdy Ya'll!

DogFish, you hit the nail on the head! I am active duty army, been so for awhile. I carry a "firearm" (civilian term) or what we call a weapon for awhile also, both on and off duty. Yes, "Plan for the worst, hope for the best" and you only increase your odds of living a full life! The world is full of tweakers! I've had my share of run in's also. Anyway, I am hoping that I may ask you a question on the law's of carrying a "firearm" while fishing or hiking? You mentioned that you are former law-enforcement, maybe you would know? Thanks for any help!

God bless the United States of America, all of our troops on deployment, all americans that do their part and God Bless the NRA!

#145400 - 03/18/02 08:34 PM Re: Why people pack heat?
shytuna Offline
Eyed Egg

Registered: 02/04/02
Posts: 7
Loc: fort lewis, wa.
I'm f***ing rolling!LoL!
I gotta couple of those at work to include a mountable 40mm belt fed grenade launcher! I'm looking at my boat right now, gears are turning...Yea Baby!!! get the welder out!

#145401 - 03/18/02 09:17 PM Re: Why people pack heat?
wit45cal Offline
Juvenille at Sea

Registered: 03/08/99
Posts: 129
Loc: Puyallup WA
As you can tell from my moniker, I always carry my weapon. I am also a black belt in kung-fu and train and referree kickboxing and muay tai so a fist fight is rarely a problem...HOWEVER, some salient points need to be made.
1) you will never know I have a weapon unless you are a threat to me or my family.
2) I have had my life threatened by tweakers and I never know when I may run into them.
3) If posessing the tools to fight or kill propagated violence, all of my blackbelt friends would be dead or in jail but you rarely hear of a martial artist beating the hell out of someone, even in self defense.
4) After spending years testing hollowpoint bullets I know that my sidearm is the cleanest and most humane way to end an unavoidable hostile situation.
5) I do belong to a well regulated militia called the citizenry of the U.S.
6) My right to carry was granted by my creator and GUARANTEED by the constitution

#145402 - 03/18/02 09:47 PM Re: Why people pack heat?
molano Offline

Registered: 03/25/99
Posts: 78
Loc: Naches, Wa. 98937
Packin heat is our right! We all have reasons. I do it for the drive there. I might be going 5 hours or so to fish stop in small towns,reststops or along roads. I travel alone sometimes and do not trust all the weird people in the world. Sometimes I travel with my kids and fell a need to protect our lives. Does that mean I wave a gun. NO! Does it mean you will ever see it? I have never pulled it and It has over 4000 rounds through it. Guns are not bad. Its the person behind it. I also pack it when on the river just because I will not leave it in my rig while on the river. People get break into rigs all the time and I don't want to loose a gun, a stereo is bad enough. The people on the water are the least of our problems. But there are many non fishers out there. Believe it or Not!

#145403 - 03/19/02 02:18 AM Re: Why people pack heat?
G-MAN Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 12/23/01
Posts: 403
Oh sure, Dave Jackson is gonna show us a picture of a Washington caught sturgeon! laugh Probably was out in Clancey's boat! eek

Remember you all from Dave's neighborhood, pack something bigger than a .45 cal to F4, because you might hook up on a Washington Fish! eek

If I can't park my Trailerhouse at your place Dave I'll park it at RT's or better yet at Jett'in Fool's. He's a Budweiser rep so I can use all the empty cases for skirt'n around my trailer! laugh

Anyway, I hear Milwaukie is already full up with trailer houses laugh
"Life is tough!, it's tougher when your STUPID!!
"What don't kill you, will only make you Stronger!'

#145404 - 03/19/02 12:22 PM Re: Why people pack heat?
Coho Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 03/09/99
Posts: 2682
Loc: Muk
instead of packing heat--pack a bowl

then head to your favorite fishing hole

Perhaps a better alternative. smile

(not that I know anything about it, but college days were not all studying--who am I kidding--what studying-- cool )

#145405 - 03/19/02 04:14 PM Re: Why people pack heat?
Bobber Down Offline

Registered: 04/30/99
Posts: 533
Loc: Lake Forest Dark, Wa
I've been fishing in Washington now for about 30 years of the 34 years of my life and thankfully I have never been in a situation where a firearm was needed. Sometimes I'm a little jittery during the summer while stalking steelhead on the upper reaches of the Sky in cougar country, but no incidents so far. In fact the only heat I pack in Washington is in my shorts after having mexican the night before eek My friends usually don't walk behind me unless my waders are on.

Alaska different ballgame. Been approached by more than one brown bear out in the middle of nowhere and I was very glad to have a shorty full of buckshot & slugs, just in case.

Bobber Down

"It makes no sense to regulate salmon habitat on land while allowing thousands of yards of gill nets to be stretched across salmon habitat in the water"

John Carlson, Gubernatorial Contender, Sept. 2000 speech at the Ballard Locks

#145406 - 03/29/02 08:34 PM Re: Why people pack heat?
Big Jim Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 02/07/00
Posts: 424
Loc: Tacoma, Wa. USA
Why would I pack heat? 1. Previous job had many unpleasant people who would dearly love to find me alone in the woods. 2. I sometimes fish with a 10 year and 12 year old girls. I will protect them from any two or fourlegged animal that attempts to harm them. 3. Drunks who think they can team up and kick the "big" guys butt. 4. Animals who may think I am a tasty dinner. Does this make me a wuss? Or do I pull my gun for any reason at all. Nope, 99% of people who fish by me never will know or see my gun. In the eight years I have carried my gun fishing, I have never pulled it. Have I been glad I had it, heck yeah. Cougar stalking once. Am I a wuss? Ask the last guy I knocked on his butt for picking a fight with me. Do I need a gun for intimidation. I am 6'7" tall and weigh 350lbs, don't think so. But I believe everyone has the right to free speach, as long as they don't affect my right to keep and bear arms.
Just because I look big, dumb, and ugly, doesn't mean I am. It means I can stomp you for calling me it!

#145407 - 03/30/02 11:20 AM Re: Why people pack heat?
Duck In The Fog Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 04/02/99
Posts: 460
Loc: Yakima Wa. U.S.A.
To all of you who like to pack. Watch out everyone is out to get you. They're hideing and ready to jump out and get you. It must be tough liveing in a world of paranoia and so scared that you fill the need to pack. I don't pack and never will. In my 50 plus years of life I've never had the need for one. Never got myself into a situation where I couldn't fight my way out of.
A person on another board said "men like to pack heat to compensate for the size of there penis.
If you need to pack heat then stay at home.
That's all we need is a bunch guys carrying guns around. Trust me ,they'll cause more trouble then
to stop trouble. Real men don't pack. The Duck

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