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#456206 - 09/28/08 07:42 PM Weekend Report!
Neal M Offline
The Enemy

Registered: 12/13/99
Posts: 2785
Loc: Bainbridge Island and Sappho, ...
Headed out to Sappho with my son Alex on Friday, and managed to pick a bunch of nice Chantrelles along the way. (Sci Guy) Bill and his two sons Cal (4) and Finn (7) showed up that evening and after getting the kiddos to bed, Bill and I set up the gear for the trip to Sekiu the next day. The alarm went off at 6 and we made a big breakfast, loaded up the car, hooked up Tartar Sauce, and made the short drive to the launch. After dumping the boat in the water I drove up and parked the rig next to a trailer that was selling derby tickets for the day. I pondered the thought of buying a couple, but decided it was more important to get back to Bill before he went crazy herding the munchkins around.
We pushed off from the dock and puttered out to the first rip. We deployed 4 rods in all, two on the down riggers (cut plug herring, and dodger/coho killer), and two surface flies on bug rods. It wasn’t ten minutes later that the cut plug rod (at 40’) went off and started peeling line like a seal! Bill took the rod as I got the boat out of gear and started clearing lines. I didn’t even get to a rod before Bill is pointing and yelling. I look to see what he’s all excited about, and see the other DR rod bouncing hard in the holder. I grab it and am fast into another big fish. Bill gets his in close and based on the size we are both thinking King. Bill was about to hand his rod off to one of the kids when the thing jumped right next to the boat. My heart skipped a beat as the biggest coho I’ve ever laid eyes on came out of the water, slapped down on its side, and dove for the bottom. At the same time my fish was tail walking away in a reel burning 50 yard run, hanging up on both the fly lines that were still dangling in the water. I reeled my fish in toward the boat, untangling the fly lines as they came to the rod. Bill’s fish was not near done, so I decided to take a shot at mine. After scooping him up in the net, I dumped the fresh fish (unmedicated) into the back of the boat with our youngest swabi Cal. Cal looked ready to pounce on the fish, but was unsure… smile
I took the net and went to the front of the boat where Alex and Finn were enjoying the action. The fish was about 6 feet below the surface and unfrigginbelievably HUGE. Bill applied pressure I slid it into the insufficient net…. Mission Accomplished!
For the next couple hours we cnr’d a bunch of shakers on poppers, which was great for the kids. We had one other fish on that was good sized, but never got a look.
Overall the fishing was slow. Had we purchased a darn derby ticket we would have taken both first and second prize….. Hind sight smile
On the scale at Olsen’s, the fish went 17 and 23#, both bled out….. The big one was the largest silver I have ever seen. A mutant of a fish…
Here are some photos. Enjoy.


Description: Bill with the trophies


Description: Alex makes em look bigger :)


Description: So do I!


Description: Another glory shot.

Bill 2.jpg

Description: Bill with his mutant!

Edited by Neal M (09/28/08 07:51 PM)

#456209 - 09/28/08 07:52 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: Neal M]
parker Offline
The Chosen One

Registered: 02/09/00
Posts: 13071
Loc: Margaritaville
Dude! Epic!


That's Wall Hangar Class for sure!


#456210 - 09/28/08 07:52 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: Neal M]
cfish Offline
Juvenile at Sea

Registered: 07/20/05
Posts: 235
Loc: port orchard
That's a hog, reminds me of the day a few years back up there when my son got his 22, good memories of chaos in the boat with a big fish on. Nice job!

#456213 - 09/28/08 08:01 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: cfish]
TBJ Offline

Registered: 01/08/07
Posts: 2226
Loc: Bainbridge Island
I have been waiting for pics of those fish. SWEEET!
Fish donts gots no good metal to listens to. - Skwisgaar from Dethklok

#456214 - 09/28/08 08:17 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: TBJ]
seastrike Offline
Hey Man....It's cool...

Registered: 08/18/02
Posts: 4323
Loc: seattle
Wow! I still haven't caught a 20 lb coho but would love to. Thanks for sharing the story and the pics Neal.

#456215 - 09/28/08 08:25 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: seastrike]
D3Smartie Offline

Registered: 02/11/03
Posts: 1397
Loc: Bainbridge Island WA
Freakin Fantastic!
Remember Children, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people...

#456216 - 09/28/08 08:37 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: D3Smartie]
gilly Offline

Registered: 04/27/04
Posts: 923
Loc: on the river
Holy crap those are some nice ones, I want my cut. How was the battle on the big one?

Yes sir you are a fine angler, the wind is a problem. - Scott O'Donnel

#456217 - 09/28/08 09:02 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: gilly]
Rocket Red Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 02/14/06
Posts: 2540
Loc: Elma
holy crap is right! Wow, unbelievable fish. Good story too!
WDFW - Turning outdoorsmen into golfers since 1994.

#456218 - 09/28/08 09:04 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: gilly]
lovetofish365 Offline
Hahahaha haha ha

Registered: 04/07/07
Posts: 1884
Loc: Silverdale WA
some day ill get my twenty...plenty of 17-18s but never my twenty here...

see ya on the river smile

#456219 - 09/28/08 09:04 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: lovetofish365]
lovetofish365 Offline
Hahahaha haha ha

Registered: 04/07/07
Posts: 1884
Loc: Silverdale WA
pretty close the the state record...c
see ya on the river smile

#456221 - 09/28/08 09:15 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: lovetofish365]
sykofish Offline
I'm not short, I'm 'fun size'

Registered: 12/25/07
Posts: 1510
Loc: Mulletville
Great story and fish. thumbs

Rusty Bell

#456223 - 09/28/08 09:28 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: sykofish]
Mingo Offline
Three Time Spawner

Registered: 03/27/05
Posts: 1533
Loc: Kona, Hawaii
Damn damn damn nice fish!
Bankers are twats that have been hated throughout history - Dan S.

#456230 - 09/28/08 09:51 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: lovetofish365]
Dave Vedder Offline
Reverend Tarpones

Registered: 10/09/02
Posts: 8587
Loc: West Duvall
Simply amazing.
No huevos no pollo.

#456234 - 09/28/08 09:56 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: Neal M]
tjcarroll Offline
Union Dock Worker

Registered: 05/05/06
Posts: 355
Loc: Seattle - Union
Great Report Neal, and good to see the boys out there with ya.
time and tide wait for no man

#456251 - 09/28/08 11:14 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: tjcarroll]
Eric Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 03/08/99
Posts: 3511
Right on!......wonder which river system they were headed for?

#456252 - 09/28/08 11:16 PM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: tjcarroll]
Steelheadman Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 03/15/99
Posts: 3292
Loc: Poulsbo, WA,USA
That's one large coho.
I'd Rather Be Fishing for Summer Steelhead!

#456262 - 09/29/08 12:00 AM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: Steelheadman]
Addicted Offline
Rico Suave

Registered: 11/06/05
Posts: 2596
Loc: Whidbey Island
I bow down to you.
Have pole, will fish.

#456263 - 09/29/08 12:03 AM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: lovetofish365]
Achewter Offline

Registered: 02/02/04
Posts: 2276
Loc: N of Seattle
DREAM FISH. Nice 40lb Coho limet. See that All the time over at point Nofreekenwhere.
I would trade a 100 fish day for that anytime!!!
When Ma Nature decides to make ya her bitch, aint nothin your gonna do about it

#456264 - 09/29/08 12:12 AM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: Achewter]
Sky-Guy Offline
The Tide is Changing

Registered: 08/31/00
Posts: 7082
Loc: Woodinmilf
Niiiiiiice Fish Neal and Bill. It's freekin killer that you landed them both on a double too. That just takes the cake..

Did the fish checker get scale samples on those bad boys? I'd be interested to know where they were going smile
You know something bad is going to happen when you hear..."Hey, hold my beer and watch this"

#456288 - 09/29/08 03:13 AM Re: Weekend Report! [Re: Sky-Guy]
DJ wonderkid Offline
Juvenille at Sea

Registered: 02/01/08
Posts: 200
Loc: Seattle/port Angeles Washingto...
those are some seriously huge HOs my friend well done anything their over twenty
Boston bob(fishing buddy) "That's why they call a fishing and not catching "

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