Took my 11 yr old son, Bo, out for a quick 2-day whack at a spike. Didn't have particularly high hopes because of no chance to scout. Thanks to Gill Popper (another board member here) however for some week-old scouting info...he put us into some "good as chance as any" areas that provided us some great hunting even though the herd/band/group of elk seemed to have moved on....we saw lots of deer but no elk, all the elk sign was from before the rain, at least 2 days old.

We hunted in 2 areas, Dry Creek and Milk Canyon, never heard any shooting, no fresh sign in either...everyone we spoke with was bummed, no-one could figure where the elk had gone....of course that's the name of this game isn't it? Weather was perfect for hunting, cool enough, woods were moist and quiet....

My son and I had a great time even though we didn't see an elk. We talked about it on the drive home... that it was definitely possible to have "good hunting" without popping a cap. His whole-hearted agreement made this hunt a special and very memorable success.

Again, special thanks to Gill Popper, and his info was right on! hello