Best fairy wand fishing video any of you will see today.


And to foolishly believe I thought I could never top a 30 lb. steelhead swung up with an unweighted fly on a spey rod.

I didn't have a chicken on my back. I have been humbled.

In the list of stupid things that we have seen come and go when it comes to fishing, fishermen (I'm guilty of most), and fish:

-The Polaroid Kill Shot
-The Grip N Grin (start of the digital camera age)
-Grainy videos filed in a vertical position (early cell phones)
-The Underwater shot
-The Admiration Shot - aka Magazine cover shot
-The fisheyed video lense (excrutiating long) panning shot
-The Fly or Centerpin rod over the shoulder shot.

I sincerely hope the "Chicken on the Head/Shoulders" shot takes the fish internet world by storm!

But alas, probably will need to add "Youtuber Attention Ho Video" to the list in the future.