I found my "grail rod" at a local pawn shop a couple years ago, a lamiglas LHS S90MC-T. No so much because i don't own one(I've been fishing with one for years), but because it was brand new, in the factory plaid sock that lami used to give you with their high end rods. When i asked about the price, the gal at the counter said, "how about $75?" i gave her a a contemplative look and she said, "tax included?" ok, ok, i guess I'll buy it, ya twisted my arm smile

Last summer a guy down the road was selling a ton of old fishing gear. Nothing terribly special, except i spied what looked like an old ambassadeur 6000c that appeared in good shape. I asked how much and he told me 60 bucks. I went to check it out, and it turned out to be a brown 6500, made in 1975,never used, with the original box. 60 bucks would have been a steal for any abu of that vintage in that kind of shape, but that particular model is very sought after, I've seen them sell in excess of $1000 to the collectors in japan on ebay.