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It had been a long time since I'd tried looking into something like this, so when I saw that video a month or two ago I looked again. There are days and beats for rent that commoners like you and I could book if we have the money. But a lot of beats are held in long-term leases by royalty and other high rollers. If you've ever heard the phrase that "Even God can't get a day on the Test," you'll understand how closely held prized beats and times are by their owners and lessees. You might very likely be able to book a couple days at Steinfossen during a time when few or no fish are present.

I was looking into salmon fishing prospects in Scotland and Iceland a couple years ago and found some very affordable times, but when I looked into it more closely, they were always weeks before many fish show up. Prices skyrocket during prime season on every river that offers good fishing. And by good fishing, that often means maybe catching one or two salmon per week per rod. A person can do that well buying day tickets to fish many public water stretches on salmon rivers in Quebec.

This sounds like fun. Not really. The snobbery & douchbaggery must be off the charts.

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Thank goodness!
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