I am interested to find out your opinions on how to fish Kwikfish K-13s. They dive on there own, 8 to 10 feet or whatever. I am not sure how deep exactly. If you are anchored up in some pretty good current say 18 feet deep can you fish them like you would a K-14 or K-15? It seems to me that if you had a normal length dropper to your weight and used a 5-foot leader they would want to dive from that point and dig in the bottom. I could also see that they are designed so that once they are pulled down deeper than their diving depth they will not go any deeper and they act like the larger models and their buoyancy takes over. I asked the factory rep at the sportsman show. He said they float so digging in the bottom isn't a problem. There was so many uninformed people manning the other factory booths, I was just skeptical of this opinion. What do you think?