I have an opportunity to fish the Brooks River at the end of June. I've read the literature from the lodge, but I hope I can get some advice from some of you who have been there.

I understand that I might expect rainbows, grayling and sockeye, but the info on the river is not very in-depth.

Is the river fast and shallow? Slow and deep?

Is it a top water deal for the rainbows? If not, is a long leader on a floater adequate, or what sort of sink tips are effective? I have an 8 wt, a 6 wt. and a 4 wt.

How about the correct sink-tip(s) for sockeye? Or again, is a long leader on a floater effective?

What patterns in what sizes have you found to be effective for rainbow? for sockeye?

We also have a fly-out, what are the options you've had fun with? Would like to go for kings if they are running somewhere within range. Otherwise, big rainbows get my blood up.

Lots of questions, but any comments from personal experience would be greatly apprecieated. If you like you could e-mail me. tdodge@rhhk.com. Thank you in advance for any help you could lend.