I have seen some of the same names on some of the other boards i read (you cant do enough home work)...had the last few days off went way up on the skagit on sunday and caught some nice dollys, there is either some smolt already because a cleo spoon knocked them dead while eggs only did so/so. I tried a new home made lure and caught the biggest dolly of the day a nice 23 inch fish. I tied a pink tailed with a orange hackle main wooley bugger and put a small spin/glow (orange) in front of it, I drifted it at a creek mouth with a 5 foot leader and a spining rod. It looked like a mini version of what we fish for the beach stealhead that run down the west side of whidbey. it worked, but the spoons worked better along with a ziperlip lure (resembles a fish) caught 8 bows and 2 dollys on sunday only fished for 2 hours on a ultra-light 3 pound test and glow bugs and some on the cleo...they were only between 9 and 15 inches long but they are all monsters on 3 pound test.

I practice catching dolly its helping me learn to read the water, the stealhead are still kicking my butt....DJ