a few buddies and i are looking for more people to fish with on a regular basis. most of us are in king and snohomish county, therefore most of the lakes we will be going to will be around those areas.

there are a few of us with boat, and a few of us without. im sure there will always be an open seat. there are also a select few who have float tubes as well.

this will not be a club persay. there are clubs in the area already and im a part of a few of them. this will be just a group of people who enjoy bass fishing.

we will have an occasional trip to other areas as well.

ive already spoken to a few of my buddies down south, and they are willing to show us around the south king county lakes every so often.

other people are more than welcome to join us, if you are willing to make the drive!


one tip to add, is get a rf radio, this will come in handy in the future

ill start it off

STATUS: Boater

- Tuesday Nights
- Thursday Nights
- Friday Nights
- Weekends All Day

PM me with your email, so i can get a list going.
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