Anyone other than SRoffe & myself fish this pattern in the fall on the OP rivers?

We had fun going high on the Sol duc & messing w/ some trout on the bug rods.

Sam stuck to it on the lower river..... but I gave in to my darker nature picked up a 1143s & hooked a nice 10 lb chromer coho on the gold #3 spinner. Funny thing but that hen was laying in perfect steelhead riffle, about 3-4' deep & choppy top. Didn't see her till the very end & had convinced myself I was contesting with a summer steelhead.

As a side note that RX7 had been rebuilt w/ a 9 1/2' top section off a 7 weight fly rod, so I was kinda fly fishing?


Apocalypse Steelheader.
Chucking gear as the end draws near.