Looking for some expert advice. Been out swinging a couple of times this year with some takes and hookups, but nothing beached. I have trouble gauging ahead of time, what length and weight tip to use on any given water. I consider myself still fairly new to Spey swinging, w/ only 15-20 outings under my belt, less than half using sink tips. Pretty much self taught having fly fished for years w/ a single hander. I believe I know how to read water well, having gear fished for 30+ yrs. and realizing Swing water is different. Any more, gear stuff in storage this time of year. Have had decent Fall action East, but only one late winter landed. Have read and found lots of info on the net which has helped, but still would like to be able to predict, before starting a run what to use. All the tip options don't help matters much and I have stuck to and are able to cast, 12' T-14 and T-17 tips for my rod, then played around w/ fly weight if ticking bottom to much. Still, some water I need lighter tips, T-11 or lighter?
1) Am I doing things right? Should I stick to the strategy above?
2) Probably a stupid question. Does only more time on the water deliver greater predictability what to use and when?
3) Is it necessary to change tips throughout a run for coverage? Or any tricks to reduce the down time changing tips? Have loop systems already.
4) Is the success I'm having swinging, it?
5)I will dream of the day to have 0 down time, on every run. Maybe it's a dream, maybe not? Thanks.

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