Returned from a trip to Ecuadorian highlands. Takes some getting used to being at 3,000 feet and being in jungle while the real uplands (we were 13-15K feet and still only partway up the mountains. The birds were fantabulous, the fishing no so much. Tried two rivers and up where we were they were very cascadie; stair steps of foaming water with tiny pockets of calm. In the first, there was a clear enough bank, with some bars, to cast. Did get a 9" fish lost as I tried to get pictures. The next stream was larger, not as stair stepped, but was jungle to the bank. While trying to approach a likely spot I fell and the lower section of my 1wt goes back to the maker for replacement and my 3pc rod is now a 4pc and two of the pieces don't connect. So, no fantastic fishing to report but it was a trip well worth it.