Because I don't hunt there (lousy excuse, I know) I have not followed WDFW's push to turn Minot into a quality BT hunt with a 3 or 4 pt minimum.

What I have been reading suggests that R6's Fish Managers have been instructing the regions Wildlife Managers in how to conduct public process. Invite supporters, don't tell the others.

Also, at least some of the opponents to the proposal say that (published) information of Quality Deer Management concludes that antler restrictions only don't work. You need to work on food supply and quality, habitat quality, selective removal of males with poor antler genes, and point restrictions. When pointed out to WDFW, they opted for only the restrictions.

Loke I said, I have only heard a few snippets, certainly don't have all the info, but hadn't seen the issue mentioned here and we do have a number of deer chasers on board.