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There seems to be a problem here. You received the spoons, but I have received no money, nor explanation as to why. There are numerous reasons that may be appropriate, but I'd like to hear from you as to what has transpired that has delayed payment. It's been over a week. What's up?

So, did you get a response on why you haven't been paid? Melanie and I just went through 6 months of trying to get someone who contacted us through a forum we belong to to keep his word on a transaction, he ignored us 'till I sent a public shaming flyer to him stating that I would be distributing it where he hangs out. Received what he owed us in 4 days. Folks contact you, and then stiff you. What a deal! Guess they don't believe much in "community" spirit! bob r. [/quo

Hey maybe instead of calling out someone on a forum that makes them look bad you should of sent me an e-mail first. Also the whole story is not being portrayed here. I offered to pay for the spoons first before you mailed them which you refused. You said you wanted to mail them first and then decide on a price. I also told you I was extremely busy with work until early June and had no free time. I take my purchases and selling from people on several fishing forums very seriously and have never had an issue like this before. There was never any thought of stiffing you and I offered you a generous amount originally and you would only accept half of my offer.

Sorry there was a delay getting a check in the mail but you knew I was working 13hr night shifts 7 days a week.

An E-Mail or P.M. would have made this public post unnecessary but a response saying you received them and a check would be in the mail as soon as possible would have also worked.
Folks selling and buying things on "social communities" need to have a bit of trust AND communication on both sides for it to work. I think everyone understands this was just a communication issue. Bob R